Naughty Boy Gets Spanked Fresh Out Of Jail

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Description: Stephen had just got arrested for some misdemeanors and although the court case is bullshit its not really a big deal to him. Its for misdemeanors and not felonies so this bad boy thinks that this is all a big joke. As serious as this is, in Stephens mind, this isnt a big deal. His Mistress bails him out of jail and little did he know this was so he can get a good spanking over her knee. Stephen really doesnt take this spanking very serious and knows hes a tough brat so a spanking to him is not that big of a deal. The Mistress treats him like a little kid, spanks his bottom and in the end, Stephen is much more apologetic however he ends up with a crimson red bottom and although his Mistress is smaller than him and not as intimidating, this spanking certainly was a game at first, but then got more serious as the spanking progresses and Stephen has to realize that spankings can get the point across and embarrassed and tiny is what this man feels like in the end.
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mmorgan0678 - 84 days ago
I'm sure the full video is great. I haven't checked it out yet. This is just entirely too much talking.
badlittleboy56 - 158 days ago
May I please be next to go over the lap ? I am a very naughty little boy. Keep up the good work.
Kurious21 - 1491 days ago
Nice one :)
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