MuMMy spanks hard! Maintenance Spanking for Junior

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Description: Time for Junior's Maintenance spanking just to make sure he will be a good boy. This will help Junior to remember to obey the rules around here. MuMMy calls Junior in and tells him it is time for his maintenance spanking and how she is going to give it to him on his bare bottom. MuMMy gives Junior a good hard hand spanking on his behind and Junior falls onto the bed. MuMMy will straighten Junior out this time. Junior squirms around too much, so MuMMy puts him over her knee and locks him down with her leg. Junior tries to cover his sore bottom with his hand. MuMMy grabs his arm and locks it down behind his back. Now Junior is helpless and has to take a good old fashioned over-the-knee spanking from MuMMY. MuMMy starts spanking again. "I'm giving you your maintenance everyday after school so You'll remember to obey the rules!" Bright red buns for Junior. "You deserve a hard spanking, bad boy. You deserve it right on the tushy." Junior was not on time for his maintenance, so he is getting it extra hard. Junior had better be a good boy from now on. MuMMy will jerk those pants down so fast your head will spin, young man. Just when Junior thinks his spanking is over, MuMMy orders Junior to get the hairbrush. Junior is really going to get it now. MuMMy pulls Junior over her lap and locks him down between her legs. MuMMy smacks Junior's bare bottom with the hairbrush over and over as Junior kicks and screams. MuMMy makes Junior repeatedly tell her her is sorry. MuMMy rubs Junior's sore buns and he sticks his rear out for more rubbing and MuMMy starts spanking again. Junior had better be a good boy from now on!
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Shaker - 28 days ago
She can straighten me out
bluframe - 111 days ago
I love delivering maintenance spankings. I like how you lock his legs down and also pull his arm back too. Have to try that
limomangus - 380 days ago
I love this one. ...great spanking.
waynewayne - 419 days ago
when it is my turn mom get the PADDLE
asshot - 944 days ago
Too much Ass for her hand she needs a big wooden paddle.... give it one helluva whipping until it breaks like glass just really bust his ASS...GOOD !
colt1111 - 1086 days ago
This is really hot! I hope Junior got to feel Mommy's hairbrush before she was done with him!
soggybob - 1204 days ago
This is one of my favorite videos. Im the naughty boy in this house so its great to see others getting spanked as needed.
markiee - 1389 days ago
My wife turns me over her knee whenever she thinks I need a spanking.
red_behind - 1823 days ago
Oh, Mummy. I really think I deserve a spanking from you!
yages - 1847 days ago
oo yes, great otk
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