Real Discipline: Alex Reynolds Brutally Spanked, Paddled, Strapped and Caned Beyond Tears for Irresponsibility - Preview

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Description: One of the most severe spankings on, and also one which hit Alex on a real emotional level more than any spanking she has received on video. She felt so bad because of being punished for a real reason that she completely lost it and had uncontrollable flowing tears through the majority of this discipline spanking. Alex was supposed to do a video shoot with Lily and Robert as they had done in the past during her latest trip to Southern California. They had driven the 2.5 hours out from where they live to LA and reserved a room for the night for the shoot. Unfortunately, Alex had one catastrophe after another en route to the shoot that evening, most of which would have been prevented if she hadn't procrastinated handling things, keeping the couple waiting for 5 hours late into the night. They weren't able to begin shooting till after midnight when she finally arrived, so it wasn't possible to get the amount of work done that all had anticipated. They got one f/f clip done with Alex and Lily, and then decided there was only enough time left for Alex to get the punishment spanking she had agreed to take from Robert for her irresponsibility that night. He sat her down and lectured her about the way her poor choices affected everyone involved and what she could have done differently. After a thorough OTK hand spanking, Robert has Alex lay on the bed over a pillow bare bottomed for a very terrible punishment experience. She was beaten and scolded mercilessly with a big wooden paddle, two leather straps, and a rattan cane from the top of her bottom to the middle of her thighs for a good 20 minutes, genuinely screaming and crying her eyes out the entire time! Alex clearly feels badly for her mistakes, and pays dearly for them, but when it's over she gets a comforting hug. We suspect she won't be late to any future shoots! If you like severe disciplinary spankings for real offenses with real tears between real friends with real chemistry, this is an absolute must see. Full video is available at either as part of a flat rate monthly streaming membership or for individual download. Enjoy the preview and then stop by! Also be sure to check out the lovely Alex at
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meotk1 - 15 hours ago
Alex I don't know how you endured that punishment. You're awesome. And gee whiz Robert if I got even lectured by you I think I'd be behaving myself. You're serious giving a lecture and you spank very hard!
Sending (((hugs))) to you both actually you too Lilly
angelkel - 1490 days ago
I don't usually care for punishment videos, but I like this one because you can tell it was sincere.
BlackVelvet007 - 1805 days ago
Dag. One extremely intense video. Incredible.
babyjamas - 2111 days ago
alex is fantastic. she can really take a hard spanking and should be proud. Alex you are adorable looking back with your red bottom shining bright
otk8894 - 2115 days ago
Very nicely done and well done to all. Love the real discipline (even when feeling sorry for Alex's fanny). So much better than the staged spankings. Obvious that both care about each other, so the punishment means so much more. Great job!!
Niko - 2116 days ago
Ouch. ;p
lilystarr - 2116 days ago
@icul8er, I know! Sad.
icul8er - 2116 days ago
Oh ouch!
poor Alex's booty
lilystarr - 2116 days ago
@sugarsmacks4, thank you, and yes she is, I felt bad for her during this. :-(
sugarsmacks4 - 2116 days ago
EXCELLENT!! I am sure that Alex was genuinely remorseful!! She is a sweetheart!!
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