Nadia's Wet Bottom Blistering Outlaw Spanking

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Description: Nadia doesn't learn, this time she is given a hard bare bottom spanking on a wet bottom. Then she is ass fucked to make sure she learns her lesson. New Video from Outlaw Spanking Video. Visit us at:
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Mark_King - 167 days ago
He should get the sniffling little bitch to suck him and his mates cocks.
babyredbottom - 178 days ago
What a perfect little ass
waynewayne - 519 days ago
yes daddy! is right and that is the way bad girls and us bad boys were spanked or PADDLED in my home when we were young WITH A FURY we would be lectured, and spanked or paddled with a fury JUST LIKE THAT, we would be howling just like that as well most of the time my uncle paddled the girls and my aunt did the same things to us bad boys at the same time in the same place, and me next now it was VERY HOT
daddy! - 663 days ago
A really memorable, beneficial spanking should include many emotional states...humiliation, pain, shame, fear and eroticism all at once...but the spanker has to be sensitive to her needs and mindful of his place in her development.. As for her bottom, nothing could be more beautiful, and as for her face and hair, she has the cutest, young girl look.
johnv1949 - 801 days ago
Outlaw, Nadia has the most beautiful ass that I've seen you spank . I would love to see more of her getting spanked,
paddled, and strapped.
ideservemarks - 850 days ago
Liked the spoon part best. I self spank with a spoon like that. If that was me you'd have to lock my legs. :-)
waynewayne - 942 days ago
that looked like my uncle spanking my cousin and my aunt would do the same to us bad boys , there we both very harsh with us bad kids, that is why we were bad all of the time, that was very hot
PhilK07 - 968 days ago
What a screamer! Such a cute round spankable bottom, too.
peggy - 1128 days ago
I am sure she enjoyed every second of that lovely hand spanking.
lolek123 - 1189 days ago
It looked like she was re-evaluating every choice in life she's made. They crying seemed a bit...insincere, though. That, or she has a very low pain threshold. The top didn't seem to go as hard as he usually does.
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