Punishment Paddling

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Description: Mistress Rita punishes Her pathetic lil sissy jennifer for getting up late this morning. Mistress gives jennifer a bare ass, rapid fire paddling, along with several harder swats for good measure, to remind jennifer that "sleeping in" will never be tolerated. jennifer is brought to tears & begs for forgiviness, along with the promise not to sleep in again.
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sissyjamieanne - 7 days ago
Very nice Ma'am. Thank you for sharing! A well-disciplined sissy is a must in a strictly run household!
jackdog - 635 days ago
One thing for certain is that Rita knows how to effectively use the paddle. The particular technique we saw was different than most... it was a long, dragged-out series of fast paddle swats of fairly light force. It was amazing to quickly see how the cumulative effect of this technique builds into intense pain, without causing serious (to my eye) bruising. More common paddling techniques typically involve firm to hard swats. We should remember Rita's technique. I daresay that ALL spankos can tolerate and enjoy a paddling like this; whereas, fewer can tolerate (if not enjoy) a HARD paddling of ANY duration! I learned something about spanking from this video. Thanks, Miss Rita! You're the Boss!
johnv1949 - 654 days ago
Mistress Rita, I would love to submit to you for punishment.
antoniotomas - 997 days ago
Well administered punishment!
markiee - 1149 days ago
My wife has done this to me as well at bed time. A few times when staying in hotels my wife will bend me naked over her lap or over a few pillows for a hand spanking or paddling when the housekeeper is in cleaning. After a few minutes (to further humiliate me) she asks her to bring her the hand cream on the nightstand and to put some in her hand as she spreads my cheeks and inserts a finger to massage my prostate. Then she asks for some more cream in her other hand as she reaches around to massage my other side while rolling me towards her onto my side so the housekeeper gets an unobstructed view as I loose control to their delight and I lay limp across her knee and she slides her finger out.
plzforgiveme - 1347 days ago
NaughtyKitten - 1412 days ago
Lol. How ironic. This girl gets in trouble for sleeping in, while I get in trouble for waking up too early. xD
MistressRita - 1433 days ago
Makes me want to spank it even more...thanks sweetie!
ipSwitchscoolboy - 1567 days ago
lovely lovely spanking
Wayne1975 - 1580 days ago
Mistress Rita, She got off so easy she lucky your nice about it, I am sure it stung but it could be a whole lot worse and i am waiting For that big evil grin.
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