Spanked for Cutting PREVIEW (Real discipline spanking!)

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Description: This video, featuring professional disciplinarian Kyle, is a real severe discipline spanking. Kyle was approached by an 18 year old who has been cutting and wanted to stop. He agreed to help her on the condition she allowed him to videotape her spanking.
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happytapdancer - 1727 days ago
one thing I know is that I understand her, cuz I have some phases that I do cut myself too... I know its wrong, but people who never did that doesnt understand...
naughtybtm - 1730 days ago
I really don't understand this. It has been suggested that if one has only negative things to say about somebody's video, they should say nothing. So I'll say nothing. Just let me know when the lecture stops and the spanking starts.
Puck_Princess - 1780 days ago
Ako -- Maybe they gave it 5 stars because it spoke to them personally?
Puck_Princess - 1780 days ago
You know, I would really like to hear an update on this girl. She seems very sweet. How is she doing today? Has she dealt with the things that drove her to this? Kyle -- any info?
Ako - 1781 days ago
But also people... is this French cinema or people drunk when they rate these videos? 5 stars... there's an alarm clock or something in the way of all the action! Kyle, as far as I'm concerned, used to provide the most entertaining hilarious and lovely videos, but this one... 5 stars? what's wrong with people... And it's an advert to boot....
Ako - 1781 days ago
Wow this brought back an *ancient* debate. on spanking as a real solution for cutting :)
Puck_Princess - 1792 days ago
Agreed, krazechick....not too sure that a spanking is the best way to deal with this. There are lots of reasons why people cut. I've done it in the past, and I also have friends who have done it, and all of us have been triggered by different things. I like how the movie "The Secretary" dealt with the issue --- he was stern and took control, yet was caring, and truly empathized with Maggie Gyllenhall's character.
krazechick - 2140 days ago
First of all this girl has a very bad understanding of her own actions. As an ex cutter and burner and so on. I can say, from being recovered and working in the MH field now that control, pain, punishment, and over powering someone into not cutting. Is really just adding to why the person probably cuts in the first place. Most cutters come from abusive upbringings that most of the time make them feel as though they are bad and need to then in turn abuse themselves by cutting. Which then becomes a coping mechanism. If someone is cutting, they need a therapist not a beating. And if this is happening in reality you should be ashamed for the egregious act you are having on her all to fragile mental state.
Naughtywatcher - 2141 days ago
I would have to agree with bash 10, fighting pain with pain is like mixing fire and gasoline, they want to be together.
lilmissnaughty - 2468 days ago
This is one of my favourites for two reasons, I used to self harm i know how hard it is to stop, It lets the pain you feel inside out... you can tell just by the way your talking that you care about the girl your spanking. :)
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