Kat Spanked by brother for ditching PREVIEW

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Description: Katherine comes home from school to find her brother waiting. He received a letter saying Katherine had been ditching for 2 weeks. Their parents are away on a cruise & Kyle is left in charge. He decides to give her exactly what she needs. Feat. Model Kat and disciplinarian Kyle! clips4sale.com/30091
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Justice - 2447 days ago
Great video! I don't know why, but there's something especially hot about a guy giving a spanking in his underwear. Thanks, Kyle!
bubblyboo1990 - 2846 days ago
Wow, i like this video, if only i was caught when have skipped class in the past and sometimes university lecutures/seminars..............!!! I think kyle is a good disciplinarian and one the reasons i joined, so i can watch and comment on the videos i like.
karen - 2929 days ago
bloody heck dont bunk off school that was a sound spanking ouch !!!! great vid thanks x
swatthra - 2958 days ago
I love the thigh spanking part. No girl really feels spanked unless her thighs get their share not just their bottoms.
Warmerup - 2991 days ago
I like the way he also Bobble's his head while he's whippin ass, he does it a lot. LOL
blondiesc12 - 3006 days ago
I know you can help with that, we've talked about it!\r\n\r\nMichele
WWEjunkie2006 - 3006 days ago
Well I can help with that :-p\n\nKyle
blondiesc12 - 3006 days ago
This makes me not want to skip class anymore!
breakmydreams - 3100 days ago
Wow... she got it pretty good...
WWEjunkie2006 - 3100 days ago
I am good friends with most of the people on her, Kitty. I was never planning to film you, which is what makes you crazy and paranoid! I said i would discipline you and you could crash at my house. The weekend you wanted to come, i told you my daughter was coming into town, and i dont need a four year old seeing a stranger in my house. I explained that. Noone wants to see you filmed anyways kitty. Its not like your that hot. It was about discipline and you flipped out. I only do free sessions for friends and people who seem like they could benefit from it. I also never remember saying the words "i promise". I said, I will let you stay. Thats before i found out i would have my daughter and couldnt have you stay. End of story. Noone feels sorry for you, now let people get back to enjoying my vids and go find another thread to bug.\n\nKyle
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