INTERVIEW 10 Questions w DD Couples Bill Sarah and Kyle Kat

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Description:'s newest real DD couple Bill & Sarah team up with Disciplinary Spanking's ( own power couple Kyle & Kat to answer some questions.
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sexy_sadie - 2508 days ago
thank you for this video and others... advice is always welcome as it is very difficult to find safe people who are interested in this life style.
orionsfaith - 2767 days ago
O lookie here, ok ignore my age question comment, great interviews.
ichelsea - 3019 days ago
I seriosuly wish my boyfriend and I couldnt meet another couple in a domestic discipline relationship. I wish we had friends who understood & who we could talk to about it. I have a girl who I email who is in this relationship but we live really far apart. I hope one day I am lucky enough to meet others like us. But I really do LOVE your videos b.c it shows me that there are other couples like me and my boyfriend. Thank you.
WWEjunkie2006 - 3027 days ago
Lol i dont spank guys. Not in my belief system for a male to spank another male.
nickie046 - 3033 days ago
I really enjoyed watching this video. I do have a question when you meet up or if you already met up, Kyle did you spank Bill also.
jules3000 - 3079 days ago
LMFAO "Respect mah authoritehhh."
julie - 3128 days ago
WWEjunkie2006 - 3129 days ago
David..\r\n\r\nTo answer your questions..\r\n1) Each of us came up with 5 questions per couple and then combined them\r\n2) Spank Idol has become the Spank Off feat Bill & Sarah/Me & Kat. That will take place this summer as we are planning a get together and may invite another young couple off of here to be a part of it as well. Its all in fun. However, the reason it is no longer being deemed spank idol is that Richard Windsor volunteered to take the concept of spank idol and through his very vast resources, turn it into a worldwide compeition called the 2009 "Spankingtube's Got Talent" contest. Instead of just me and bill, there will be 20 couples entered and voted off until one couple becomes spankingtubes next top model... err... spankingtube's Idol... err.... you get the idea... anyways\r\n3) There will be a video filmed of the spankoff between me and bill, but it will be posted on my store with a very brief preview clipsposted on here.. however, it will be worth purchasing! ;-) Thanks for watching!\r\n\r\nKyle
davidt18 - 3129 days ago
I just got done watching this video. In my opinion this was a good video. I thought those were good questions and honest answers from all of you. I wish more Spankers/Spankees did interviews like this were we get to know more about you and your spanking life. Hope theres more to come. Couple questions. 1. Who thought of these questions for you to answer? 2. When is this Spank Idol taking place? and 3. Will there it be video taped and if so any clips posted on here?
WWEjunkie2006 - 3133 days ago
Thanks Rocker! Hopefully you get something out of my videos, whether it be on lecture, proper spanking, or anything else that may help you grow in this lifestyle. Feel free to email me if you ever need any advice! I try to make myself as accessible to everyoneas I can be despite my busy schedule. Take Care!\r\n\r\nKyle Johnson\r\
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