Girl punished in front of friends

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Description: This video was inspired by actual events. When I was about 13 in Texas, I was at my buddies house and his sister was about to leave to go out with her friend (she was a year younger than me). As she was leaving her mom freaked out and said "Hell No" not until you get that whuppin we owe you. The dad was basically ordered by the mom to take the belt to her ass. It was more private than this video, as she was taken back into her bedroom, but myself, her brother, her friend, and the mom all heard it take place. She got about a dozen with the belt, I assume over her jeans but have no way to know. As a spanko, that moment has always stuck with me and I will never forget it. This scene plays off of that moment in my life. This is one of 12 of the scenes we shot during our last four girl the member's area of
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bikinipanties7 - 63 days ago
Hot video! But why did Allison leave with her three friends and she was the only one NOT carrying a bag. No pocketbook or clutch. But her friends all had one.
waynewayne - 484 days ago
yes krabask you are right and also the other three girls would not wait for there turn to be paddled
Krabask - 538 days ago
Why didn't the girl take a look on their friend being spanked? ;-)
I would have asked if I could sit in the room and watch.
waynewayne - 539 days ago
what that happened in my home the other girls would be looking on, and be taking there jeans off, for a good spanking too
switchmolly - 688 days ago
I'm with you, kevsgirl. I'd die on the spot of humiliation!
kevsgirl - 783 days ago
Thankfully this never happened to me! It would be SO embarrassing to face your friends after they just heard you getting a spanking!
brat01 - 992 days ago
luved it
NaughtyKitten - 1039 days ago
This reminds me of something similar that happened, when I was little. I was at my friends' house, and we were playing in the fireplace, like we knew we shouldn't. After a bit, I heard their mom walk in, and so quickly sat back on the couch. They, however, weren't so lucky. I was told to wait in the living room, while they were dragged back to their bedroom for what sounded like a sound belting from their mom. They came back a few minutes later, crying their eyes out and rubbing their poor bums like there was no tomorrow.

Needless to say, that memory has never left me. Lol. It's also what caused me to fear the belt so bad. xD
NaughtyDana - 1171 days ago
Love it
agoodspankin - 1206 days ago
This is one of my all time favorite vids. I own most of the vids with these 4 girls. I love Allison. There, I said it! lol
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