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Description: Here is me getting spanked, the belt, and hairbrush. There was a couple comments about posting all the clips that I had combined so here it is.
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lujercorina9901 - 48 days ago
Excellent video! I love that bottom.
powerplant9491 - 613 days ago
Great ass and liking it spanked is wonderful !!!
jonass48 - 1819 days ago
This was so promising but ultimately disappointing. You had a handsome spank Daddy who seemed unfocused and bored. And a ripe, willing ass, but you lay there as if narcotized. No sounds from either of you, no movement from you, nothing. Are you really a spanko who enjoys this? If so, show us. Otherwise don't post vids because they are very monotonous.
asschopper - 2121 days ago
Nice hand spanking. Ongoing with no breaks. The hairbrush portion should have been much much longer. Like the bit with the belt. Great vid. Just wish you would have used the hairbrush 5x as long.
toysnme - 2365 days ago
Very cute little butt. But he would be squirming if he were over my knee. I can guarantee that.
Satyrpater - 2637 days ago
Tell me, little buddy--you hardly move at all when you're being wallopped. Even a boy trying to be VERY obedient eventually starts squirming under the belt or the paddle, unless it is just not hurting enough. Such beautiful little buttocks ought to get their due...
Satyrpater - 2640 days ago
I'd like to get that cute little ass over my knees--I'd make him squirm!
slippered_37 - 2824 days ago
nice ass! next time with a slipper please.^^
Kuve - 2829 days ago
You have a nice ass and would doubtless be fun to spank but you lie there acting board with the whole thing, you either need to relax and enjoy more or find a spanker who whups hard enough that you can't ignore him.
swcapt - 3127 days ago
LOL weren't his balls enough to make you realize it's not a woman getting spanked?
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