A Chinese Torture Chamber Story

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Description: A Chinese historical corporal punishment film, the story was happend about 1850-1899 AC.
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gentle51sp - 543 days ago
'Ancient Chinese Spank'

This scene is included in the book.

This is an excerpt from the book:
Even knowing this might be a deception, Guiying had no excuse to escape because the fact was she did breech the army’s law. Now she was not an intrepid solider, she was a submissive lady who had done something wrong. She took off her armor and helmet in preparation for the punishment. Two strong soldiers came up to Guiying and stood on both sides, they pulled Guiying down with both her arms stretched forwards and grabbed her arms, another soldier held Guiying’s two ankles together and immobilized her. Now, a forth solider walked over to Guiying, squatted and lifted up Guiyin’s skirt and stripped off her pants and underwear. A full plump bottom unveiled itself before all the warriors in the tent, there was ferment and most males in the tent lingered their sight onto Guiying’s round, pale behind. It was their dreams to have a look at the corporal body of this brave and charming woman. For Guiying, she had never suffered such a humiliation and tears wobbled inside her beautiful eyes.

otk503dd - 976 days ago
good punishment .....bring it back..
MedveD - 1121 days ago
FernandoPerez - 1382 days ago
Me next :3
li7471536 - 1437 days ago
fantasyisland - 2032 days ago
very cool
FagGurl - 2171 days ago
The Judge should have done that to Lindsay Lohan.
caning_girl - 2719 days ago
if now days girls can be paddle like this, it will be great man... haha..
yoyolol - 2881 days ago
Unfortunately,the movie named < The Torturous Record in Qing Dynasty > and was publicated in 1995 .\r\nthe poor girl's name is Pakchoi and played by Yvonne .\r\nIn fact,this is a comedy but it described a painful love story between gentleman Yang and Miss Pakchoi.at the same time the movie reproduced ten kinds of torture in Qing Dynasty .\r\n\r\nQing Dynasty is a epoch in Chinese history\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
0000yl - 3009 days ago
This actress became quite famous after filming that movie.\r\nThe story of the movie is about adultery. A bad guy poisoned this woman's husband and charged this woman and her male friend (the guy standing beside her). So she was wrongly charged with adultery. At that time, women who committed adultery should be spanked on bare bottom.
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