Real Discipline - Strapping for Staying Up Again...Again...

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Description: My problem with insomnia continues to be an issue. Though Kyle had disciplined me for staying up past bedtime twice previously, and I had made some improvement, I had still not been getting enough sleep. This time he decided to dispense with the lecture etc. that everyone has already heard and just get directly to the bottom of things. A very straightforward video of an extremely intense, severe, and painful disciplinary bare bottom strapping with pajama bottoms pulled down. In contrast with some of my more fun themed videos or roleplays, this one contains no filler and very little dialogue, no warmup, this is as real as it gets! To purchase the full version of this and many other great spanking videos of all kinds, please visit my store at and Kyle & Kat's store at, thanks!!! :-)
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Puck_Princess - 1780 days ago
Lilly....Girl, I feel your pain. I am such a night owl, and also have problems getting to bed on time. Having to wake up early the next morning, I can feel the effects as I continue to press "snooze" even an hour after my alarm starts goin off. OUCH!!!!!!
MasterMel2011 - 2311 days ago
Too much damned dialogue
Wayne1975 - 2696 days ago
kyle if you want a laugh at bills exspense. go look at the site marked butts , and see if you see bill wearing the same clothing as some as some of the female spankee,s see page 3 brittney spanked for swearing& paddled for smarting off to the teacher, all thow i its not clear who owns the pola dotted jama s pants its clear that both him and the girls wear them ! As Far as Amo goes Being a Top i think your on to somthing there, keep her around!
artams39 - 2722 days ago
Lily, you look like you've lost alot of weight. Love your hair and makeup in this video! Just get more sleep before he beats your ass completely off!
arbuthnot - 2993 days ago
The comments here about not taking Kyle seriously because of the length of his hair are really crass and moronic. My hair is much longer than Kyle's and anyone not taking me seriously will soon discover their mistake. If that person happens to be a woman who likes being spanked, she may find failure to take me seriously has painful consequences.\r\n\r\nYou may not like long hair, Handsdown but that's just your personal preference, not an objective criterion on which to judge someome's character or capabilities. Superficiality, on the other hand, is arguably such a criterion.
karen - 3023 days ago
oooouuuuuccccchhhh aaaaaaaawwwwww that must have hurt well done Kyle and Lily ps Kyle your hair is fine looks good your a good looking guy
lilystarr - 3049 days ago
Thanks ilove, glad you like the videos. It's difficult to please everyone so I and the people I film with try to mix it up and offer something for everyone. Some would rather just see a spanking get down to business as this one did, others prefer a good storyline. I more often than not prefer to include a good storyline, but once in awhile something like this does work too. I do really need discipline sometimes and this was just reality without the production.
Ilovetogivespanking' - 3050 days ago
This was interesting, but not one of your better ones. Dont get me wrong, I love this site, and everything on it. I deeply enjoy watching everything that is on here. Thank You for all your posts. I have alway's loved spanking but have not been able to do much of it in my life. None the less, thank you again. God I love this site. That's all I can say.
WWEjunkie2006 - 3082 days ago
Niko is a cool dude but he has his style and i have mine. I give disciplinary sessions and dont pay girls. Girls and couples come to me, Niko goes to them. Its a difference in style and preference but i feel we deliver the same result, as i am the first to have brought lily starr to tears. Just saying lol :-)
alicker - 3087 days ago
i know your spankings are for real.,sorry what i meant was he could do a better job of setting up whats about to happen.maybe to much talking,hey he is not niko...that dude doesnt mess around with your ass.and what a lovely ass it is