Kat Spanked by Lily! Little Sister Caught Stealing - Preview

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Description: When Lily wakes up from a nap to find her sister Kat going through her purse for money to go out to a concert with friends she is shocked and angry. Since their mom is not home, Lily decides to do what their mom does when they get in trouble: ADMINISTER A GOOD SOUND BARE BOTTOM SPANKING TO TEARS WITH HER HAND, MOM'S HAIRBRUSH AND DADS STRAP! Great roleplayed spanking here with real spanking and real tears! My first time ever giving someone a spanking! Catch the full movie plus many more in my store at www.Clips4Sale.com/30486 and Kyle & Kat's store at www.Clips4Sale.com/30091
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phantom - 1800 days ago
Kat is so sexy
1thankyoumaam - 1802 days ago
Ma'am another wonderfull spanking. I think I may have to schedule a session. Perhaps I could have a spanking on one of your videos. i know a spanking from you will have me crying like a naughty little boy.
000 - 2237 days ago
Thank you for posting. It's a geat vid of first time spanker, and is a very rare for it. Nobody is entirely comforbotable the first time. It's fine. You were great together :)
wnyspanker - 2243 days ago
that naughty little girl should have gotten that strap right from the start , that would teach her not steal
spankingfetish - 2792 days ago
Ms Lily you were too easy on her for stealing your money. She should have been given a severe spanking. Lol...........
lilystarr - 3015 days ago
If you want to, go for it. I'm extremely shy but it hasn't stopped me hehe.
mskathy88 - 3015 days ago
im wondering if i should make a spanking video? im a bit shy...
lilystarr - 3021 days ago
No, this was my first time spanking, it had been stuck on Kyle's camera tape for several weeks, the other vids where I spanked were done after this. There is also a video farther back on here of Kat spanking me from the same day we filmed this one. That's in the first Dating Disaster one we posted.
handsdown - 3022 days ago
Now Lily, you can't say this was your first time ever as a spanker. Remember that piece of artwork you participated in with the bath brush? You know, the one where you were waiting for the bus? LOL It was very nice anyway, and you put forth a good effort. I wouldn't have been comfortable with it at all. I guess I'm greedy. I only like getting it.\r\n\r\nHi Kat. I'm interested in your feelings on the subject of being spanked by a woman. I woudn't like it a bit. Have you done that before and have you ever been a spanker?
lilystarr - 3022 days ago
Yes I am more bottom but I enjoyed it. Remember this was my first time ever so naturally I wasn't totally comfortable like a more experienced spanker would be. :-)
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