Pure Punishment - Lily Spanked Severely Over Bed Pillows

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Description: Lily and Kyle chose not to disclose the reason behind this intense disciplinary session which took place while Lily was visiting Kyle and Kat for the weekend. The video begins with Lily already laying over pillows on the bed wearing only her panties, ready and waiting for the nearly 11 minutes straight of HARD spanking which follow. She is given a very painful spanking including multiple implements, which climaxes with 150 bare bottom strokes from three different heavy leather straps which have Lily screaming, crying, kicking, and squirming, and leave her heavily marked and slightly bleeding. This session even includes some spanking of Lily's feet and a lot on her thighs, as well as of course a thoroughly spanked bottom as usual. Some interesting mirror shots are also included occasionally where you can see some of her facial reactions as well as the straps falling on her bottom from a unique top angle. An extremely severe punishment spanking for those who prefer not to see a scene set up. Less talk, minimal scolding, LOTS of severe spanking action! Naughty Lily will be feeling this one every time she sits for a good long while! To purchase this full movie and many more please visit Kyle & Kat's Disciplinary Arts store at Clips4Sale.com/30091 and Lily Starr's store at Clips4Sale.com/30486, thanks!
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Wayne1975 - 2928 days ago
spankers who use verbal reinforcemnet during there spankings session , its a Good thing on film or not it lets the spankee know what and why and if it annoyes them well its karma for anoying you by what they did in the first place and it also help ventpent up emotion over it on the spanker side to help drop the matter after its over with and not harbor any feelings ethier way and its a saftey mesure for communication and a sound bond between spankee and spanker good Clip , no yager bombs for lilly
lilystarr - 2963 days ago
I've been getting a lot of thigh spanking lately since it tends to make me react a lot more lol, so mean. :/
arbuthnot - 2974 days ago
I'm with those who want more thigh spanking. When proper punishment is the agenda, the thighs receive the message very clearly.
karen - 2989 days ago
wow i bet that was smarting for days Lily , you must try to be a good girl but i dont think you will for long , sure Kyle will need to remind youu how to behave again soon !!!!!
breakmydreams - 3002 days ago
OUCH!!! THat had to hurt.!!!
lilystarr - 3006 days ago
Never stopped giggling? Are you serious? I giggled when he said I took the swats on my feet well because I had been screaming bloody murder through the whole thing so that struck me as amusing, also when he said American London Tanners I couldn't resist making a wisecrack, the rest of the time that was hysterical crying and screaming... \n\nThanks very much to the other comments, I really appreciate them. xo :-)
yuneek - 3006 days ago
She never stopped giggling... it was terible...
swatthra - 3006 days ago
I used to think your butt is your best feature but now that I have seen you spanked on those lovely thighs and watched them turn pink ... boy that drove me wild. Please more thigh spankings.
abjones35 - 3012 days ago
Good ass :)
mikec - 3016 days ago
lily, you are so so sexy. Thank you so much for sharing! You are a true spankophile!\r\n
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