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badlittleboy56 - 743 days ago
I have a perfect paddle to use on her .This paddle loves bad little girls .And girls loves this paddle. Its name is Stinger .Stinger is wooden paddle .I brought at Micheal's .I had some my girls friends around here go with me to Micheal's .I had them take turns caring the paddles around Micheal's .I brought 5 paddles just in case I would happen to break one on their naught girl bare bottom. I had them tell the cashier that the paddles are for me to use on their butts when they are bad little girls. When I got home .I drill some holes in the paddles .I drill holes on angle . By doing this it makes their swats sting a lot more. I learn this in wood shop in my school days .We had to make paddles for teachers to use on both boys and girls We had to drill holes on an angle . The wood shop told us to drill on an angle .Because it makes the swats sting a lot more..Paddling was always done in the hallways .With another teacher as a witness .Teacher where allow to get us up to 10 swats. It didn't take very long for it to go around school when someone got a paddling .I really loved get paddled in school. I would just act up just to get paddled . Some of the girls enjoy get paddled too. Girls would get paddled by male teachers, too. Boys would also got by female teachers ,too .I don't understand why the big stink about males teachers spanking female students .I see nothing wrong with it.
trainyard - 844 days ago
she didn't seem very wet?
badlittleboy56 - 860 days ago
He is giving her love taps. I would give her a paddling that she wouldn't ever forget.
spnkswtch - 878 days ago
Nice spanking on a beautiful pair of panties! Would love to see more bare spanking.
Spanking_Digest - 1447 days ago
Love the way she liked it :)
pantyspank - 1801 days ago
Love the spanking, the panties and the groping..... :-)
zilor - 1853 days ago
I like to paddle her :) Lizzy
ipSwitchscoolboy - 2135 days ago
great 2 hear that you cum you were a bit 2 quiet though lol
applepie3 - 2396 days ago
Love that wedgie near the end. Looks like she really enjoyed that. Added to that the little spank to her little private area .......ooooo wow! Makes ya horny to watch : )
manimal83 - 2819 days ago
did you see how red her ass was! thats no light spanking. this is a real couple not some industry! people gotta stop being so god damn picky! i thought it was hot. its a fantasy not discipline
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