Carpenters Revenge

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Description: Paddle movie from a defunct company..
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rattanman - 526 days ago
A simply SENSATIONAL well administered paddling of two fully deserving bare arses. A great idea having them make their own paddles. The carpenter was absolutely right when he told the first boy he deserved it, they both did Of the two paddling's I much preferred that that administered to lukas (the 2nd), I always enjoy seeing a boy bending over for his deserved punishment and my word did he get it, his arse was a fabulous glowing red and beautifully marked by the end of the session, Apart from the sore foot I'd loved to have been the carpenter paddling these two disobedient boys and I can guarantee neither of them would ever forget the paddling I'd give them.
Definitely one the best vids I've watched on here and in my favs for regular viewing. Love to see more EXACTLY the same as this !!!
waynewayne - 527 days ago
ps and we lovvvvvvvvvvvved showing our RED BLACK AND BLUE BOTTOMS Off in the boys shower rooms too
waynewayne - 527 days ago
yes buttblusher,the lecture was GREAT and \ my 8th grade pe coach had a paddle just like that and paddled us bad boys the same way with a FURY ON BARE BOTTOMS AND LEGS, and i could not wait until it was my TURN, and me next at this time, but if any of your other bad boys want to go first you can for sure, and i get to look until it is my TURN, THAT IS THE WAY TO TEACH US BAD BOYS A LESSON ON BARE BOTTOMS AND LEGS VERY VERY VERY HARD, too bad not in englaish
buttblusher - 598 days ago
very very real. It's about time.
Mow284 - 906 days ago
cute buns turned well red.
jackdog - 951 days ago
I loved it! Bare ass paddlings and a cute, well-scripted story, too! The crusty old carpenter was played just like I imagine it might have been in the "good old days"! It WAS a stretch to think the young guys didn't know what a paddle looked like after they each made one, but since the movie wasn't up for an Academy Award, we can overlook that point. If you like paddlings as I do, this video gave us all something refreshing and different! Thanks, guys. Well done!
redarsebritboy35 - 1223 days ago
As it should be, painful and pounding until the spankee cries! Even when I get it like this I still get hard and still cum!
Inforit - 1293 days ago
Great Video. Would be even better if at last one of the Boys was his own son! :-)
spankedboyABDL - 1348 days ago
Awesome! A REAL spanking at last! Not all the posturing....and excessive butt caressing..just straight up discipline. HOT!
caneandspank - 1359 days ago
Thank you for a great video. Loved every second of it.
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