Real Session - Lily's Stress Relief Spanking: Part One - OTK

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Description: Lily had been feeling stressed out and down lately due to a number of factors including financial, issues with the school she was attending, health, car, etc. so a couple of weeks ago she had asked Kyle for a stress relief session the next time they got together to film. The result was this lengthy and intense yet caring and helpful spanking session. In this first half you will see the OTK portion which includes hard hand spanking over jeans, panties, and bare bottom, as well as a paddling with a leather paddle and a lexan paddle until Lily's bottom is bright red and marked as she squirms and cries from the pain even though it was a spanking she wanted. Also, don't miss part two coming soon - it features the severe strapping and aftercare which follow this portion! To purchase full 13 minute video and many more great spanking videos of many kinds please visit Disciplinary Arts - and Lily Starr's Real Spankings -, thanks!
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lilystarr - 2956 days ago
Thanks bashful, that's true. :-)
bashful1223wk - 2957 days ago
Lily, Kyle, Kat... you all seem to be very good friends for one another. You're all lucky to have each other. :)
lilystarr - 2959 days ago
Thank you katy, missy, mikec, and Dragonlord. Glad you guys liked the video. :-)
Dragonlord - 2960 days ago
Time to weigh in and this clip gets two thumbs up from me. I like it when u two post together as it is usually a great spanking that comes from it. Thanks as always for posting
mikec - 2960 days ago
Kyle, What a wonderful spanking! I was critical of you, but see you are one of us! Great work. PS lily is beautiful!
katydid - 2960 days ago
I don't normally leave comments on the web, but I was somewhat irritated, and yes, I'm looking at you wdspoone. First of all, if lilystarr's look is not one you would pay money for, so be it, you are entitiled to your opinion-and you felt the need to share that because...? I personally think she's a cutie, and as a spankee, I wish I was that good at submitting. If it was my video being critiqued, I would likely appreciate technical suggestions, but somewhat insulting comments about the spankee? Not so much.\r\n\r\nStress relief spankings are great. My man gives them to me when he thinks I need them, and anytime I ask, it's all good.
lilystarr - 2961 days ago
Oh, and Santa, sorry I forgot to respond earlier. I am always both naughty and nice, so what does that mean? :-)
lilystarr - 2961 days ago
Thank you Sirspanksalot, I love getting it too and intend to keep it up. :-)
Sirspanksalot - 2961 days ago
Lilystarr you sure do get spanksalot and I love seeing it! Keep it up!
lilystarr - 2961 days ago
Thank you very much to almost everyone. ;-)\n\nAbout the lexan, honestly I don't feel it's that bad, not worse than wood and probably a little less damaging than some of the wooden paddles/implements I'm spanked with. It does look cool and pack a good sting though, I like it! I actually did have the option of implements on this one. :-)\n\nTrue, it is that time of year, I hope everyone is coping and getting lots of good spankings! xo
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