Balls tied to chair thrashing

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Description: She tied my thumbs to my balls and my ankles to the chair legs, then punished me with a paddle, wooden spoon, and finally the cane.
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Anna29 - 79 days ago
Working now! Yay! Great to have one of my all-time favourites back!
Anna29 - 112 days ago
Thanks. I'll make sure Flash is up to date, but right now this is the only video giving me trouble. Meanwhile, thank you so much for sharing your fun videos. Love them!
cplspank - 113 days ago
Must be a problem with your browser Anna, maybe try install Flash Player, or try a different browser.
Anna29 - 113 days ago
Aaargh! Won't play! Please, please, please fix!
mlaw44 - 177 days ago
Such a good idea. Balls tied to chair surely encourages him not to pull away from her spoon. If he pulls even a little, as cane makes almost inevitable, a sharp pang below will compel him to stay in place.
Good use of mirror, to see enough of her doing spanking while keeping focus on his poor (lucky?) ass.
iamdisgraced - 423 days ago
Absolutely love watching him squirm. LOL!
workinman1 - 548 days ago
Omg, great video! Love the idea, and so well edited!
badlittleboy56 - 671 days ago
May I please be next to be punish ? I would love to have my ball tie to a chair. I would love to punish by her. I never been caned before. I am wondering how painful it would be to be caned ? I am wonder how many strokes I would be able to take.?
asshot - 743 days ago
Ass muscles in this position will clinch up automatically which does more harm than good - but your burning ass just can't help itself .... Poor thing.
Anna29 - 808 days ago
Still love it, especially the deliciously evil three extras at the end!
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