Applied Psychology: A Doctor and Patient Spanking Fantasy

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Description: Lily is a young woman who has been having persistent fantasies about being spanked. She is spending most of her free time daydreaming about spanking and worries that something is wrong. While writing in her journal, Lily experiences a particularly vivid daydream of being spanked by her imaginary husband in a kitchen domestic discipline style spanking bent over a stool with the wooden spoon for burning dinner (this spanking is portrayed on film). After confiding in a friend, it is suggested that she see a psychologist who specializes in her type of case, Dr. Linsey (Alex Mack). Lying on the couch in his office, Lily hesitantly tells the doctor about her fantasies and asks if anything can be done. She is shocked to find that his "cure" involves a sort of aversion therapy involving the administering of a very hard spanking past tears! Since she has never been spanked in reality, the spanking starts out with a hand warmup otk and progresses to spanking over her pink lace panties with the small heart shaped wooden paddle. Next she is positioned on all fours on the couch for a fast and lengthy session with the lexan paddle. Already crying, very red and marked, and promising that she is cured, Lily is then given the final step of the doctor's program, the heavy double leather strap! This 20 minute film is nearly all hard spanking action! It features TWO full spanking scenes, both the fantasy kitchen scene and then the severe doctor/patient session! Enjoy and please check out the full video along with lots more great spanking videos at!
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razrstrpr - 2475 days ago
Lily, fantastic video! Your beautiful bottom always excites me...especially when it is red hot from a good spanking.
arbuthnot - 2896 days ago
Hmmm...must have missed this one. \n\nWith the benefit of hindsight, however, it seems your clinical methods are distinctly unsuccessful, Dr Linsey. I do believe thoughts about spanking may have crossed Lily's mind on subsequent occasions. I could be wrong, of course, but that's what I suspect. What can be done about it? It's a real dilemma, isn't it?
spankedinseattle - 2969 days ago
Alex...If you are in Wa...I live there too =) And I think you are equally as adorable and would love a spanking from you!
AlexMack - 2987 days ago
Hey everyone, thanks for the nice comments on this video, hope everyone enjoyed it. Wanna give a special shout out to britface, thanks for the compliment, if I'm ever in WA I will totally come by for a spanking session! -wink wink- lol, Anyways thanks for the nice comments and like lilystarr said there is more to come so look out!!
britface - 2987 days ago
gosh, if you're ever in WA I'd love to be spanked by him!
lilystarr - 2988 days ago
Thank you so so much strman and Dragonlord! Britface, Alex is one of my best friends, new to spanking but did a kickass job in my opinion and we definitely have more in the works. :-D
strman - 2988 days ago
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOD!!!!!! Wonderful stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragonlord - 2988 days ago
As always adorable clip Lily thanks again and again and again and.... =)
britface - 2988 days ago
Who is this Alex Mack? He's adorable!
lilystarr - 2989 days ago
Hehe thanks mikec! xo
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