After Christmas Self-Spanking. [Second post]

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Description: So.. I've been sort of bratty lately. I walked past this yoga ball my sister got for Christmas, and it gave me an idea. Maybe I could try spanking myself over one. Well.. I did, and here it is.
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caughtinthefade - 2003 days ago
Please return!!!
Dylan101 - 2589 days ago
Wow you are amazing. I never thought I'd "favorite" a self spanking video. Guess I was wrong. lol
Tiedkev - 2824 days ago
Loved seeing you spank your Sexy Ass. I have tried self spanking and its not as easy as it looks. Great vid.
aragon - 2963 days ago
great video, do u ever go in any of the chat rooms on spankinginternat ?
Alone[Like_Acid] - 2965 days ago
It's not my room.
Mrpenpen - 2967 days ago
Very good - now tidy your room girl!
Listener - 2972 days ago
I imagine the bathbrush hurt worse, but that plastic hairbrush makes an amazing gunshot sound, one of my favorite sounds to hear during a spanking (either giving or receiving). An excellent video.
soretushy - 2973 days ago
What she needs and wants, she will never be able to acheive by herself! She needs to get a long hard spanking that leaves her unable to sit down for a while. She needs someone to bend her over, pull her panties down and make her bare ass cherry red with a good strapping! Maybe a nice wooden paddle with holes and a top that knows how to swing it! That is what she longs forwhen she is spanking herself. I know that is what I longed for when I used to spank myself. Now I have a top that is very proficient with all implements and knows my ass very good.
mikedoe - 2975 days ago
It's a shame so many self - spank when there are so many of us out there willing to do it for you.
Abacinator - 2976 days ago
Seeing all these naughty aspiring spankees without spankers to properly chasten them rather dismays me. \n\nI wish there was some way I could lend a hand.\n\nLiterally and figuratively, of course.
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