Daughter Spanked OTK and Given the Belt by Daddy

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Description: In this domestic discipline style Daddy/Daughter roleplay video Lily is a young high school girl who has gone overboard with the credit card mom and dad gave her for emergencies. Apparently, she felt that Xmas shopping constituted an "emergency" and racked up quite a bill. When dad gets the unpleasant surprise in the mail he is none too pleased and calls her out from her room for a lecturing. When she is flippant about the situation he decides the only way to get through to his "little princess" is resorting to what his parents would have done under the same circumstances - a good old fashioned spanking! The surprised and protesting little girl is pulled otk for a hard handspanking, then when she is stood up and asked to remove her jeans she refuses, resulting in them being forcibly yanked down and a quick trip back over daddy's lap. The spanking continues over her panties and on the bare as she continues to struggle, cry and complain and daddy continues to lecture in a loving but strict manner while spanking her bottom bright red. Finally Lily is bent over the couch and gets her bare bottom blistered with her dad's leather belt! Great classic domestic discipline scene of a naughty little girl getting a severe strict spanking, enjoy! For the full 14 minute spanking video and lots more great movies please check out: Disciplinary Arts - www.Clips4Sale.com/30091 & Lily Starr - www.Clips4Sale.com/30486 and www.lilystarr.com, thanks!
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Edward1289 - 1359 days ago
A Daddy-Daughter spanking looks so much better when Daddy is older than the daughter.
missthang101 - 2314 days ago
Love this one !
lalagirl1816 - 2440 days ago
ummm actually NIKO's videos arent as good as kyles are just saying his bore me kyles make me laugh sometimes and other times make me thankful that im not the one getting the spanking and sometimes wish i was lol so stop hating on his videos if you dont like them dont effin watch them or comment on them
sweetlilspankee - 2600 days ago
weird to see Lily bent over... But hey who says change isn't good?\nThe look on Kyle's face when Lily refused to take down her jeans... Made me want to run if I were her.\nLiked this vid very much, Kyle and Lily: GREAT JOB
PorcelainAss - 2712 days ago
Sorry but kyle's vids arn't the best...NIKO'S ARE.
karategrrl - 2813 days ago
Dont hate on Lily, she is lovely and wonderful! and fun! Kyle's vids are the absolute best on here, he IS an actor after all. He shows real compassion when dealing with people who come to him for help in the "real life" series and I adore all the brother/sister daddy/daughter scenarios. He just.... gets it.
dropemnspread - 2834 days ago
That butt's the size of a small African nation.
lilystarr - 2929 days ago
Thanks Dee85, glad you understand! :-)
Dee85 - 2930 days ago
I love this video your both really good it doesn't matter that Kyle's young he has some amazing dad lines in this one and I'd rather have a young dude than an old pervert like so many daddy daughter vids. Kyle can be my dad any day (even if he is 2 years younger than me) keep up the good work.
Lorraine - 2938 days ago
I've never been spanked before; but if I ever do i hope Kyle's the one to do it.
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