Jessica's late night part 2

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Description: Jessica's spanking the morning after her late night
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sassysuz - 85 days ago
Ouch!!! That bath brush on her wet bottom had to sting something awful. But, she wanted that belt. She practically asked for it with her attitude. A few strokes of leather across her bare butt calmed her temper almost immediately. She loves to earn a good, hard spanking. Keep up the fine work.
princess81 - 267 days ago
She is unbelievable!
asshot - 662 days ago
Her beautiful buttocks both hanging together side by side turning redder and redder with each whack of his mean ass whipping brush .. and he whipped it again with the strap ... I love it.
medeco2020 - 1050 days ago
Really she took a wet bum spanking like that meaning she did not scream or try to cover her bum. Spanked on a wet bum hurts a lot more than a regular spanking.
asshot - 1115 days ago
That Mind up there can cause .... that pretty Behind down there to suffer terribly ... Poor ASS !
harryone - 1153 days ago
Tremendous will power to keep from running away. Those were not light taps by any means; very forceful but not vicious. The hug at the end makes it all better. Really lovely cheeks Jessica. Thanks for sharing.
benispank - 1187 days ago
Nice taned bottom! Jessica, you take it realy well!
FernandoPerez - 1214 days ago
Strapping is always the best part :3
pipp_90 - 1290 days ago
I agree that the combination of the brush on a wet ass and the strap must have resulted in a very sore ass. How long did the soreness last?
asshot - 1375 days ago
When Jessica slammed that door I thought to myself he's gonna really whip her beautiful ass now...
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