Jessie's gets it again.

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Description: Daddy spanks Jessie for not behaving and making fun of others. jessie puts up a fight in this one.
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tinker26 - 531 days ago
he needs to b more stricker with u
Lady44FF - 548 days ago
I felt that for you OMG
hotwife4bbc - 570 days ago
submitting to a superior black man, as it should be
DomDaddySam_CGN - 694 days ago
Nice video but i think for her behave during this punishment she deserve extra-swats in a stricter spankposition
darkcocoa - 826 days ago
Jessiielove18 - 830 days ago
I wasnt laughing!!! lol that hurt soooooo much! sitting wasn't fun for a while! i just have a very jittery whine and beg lol.
luvitneedit - 830 days ago
I agree with Tygrr she needs to be Restrained i know i try to get away when getting a Spanking but when he say STOP I KNOW HE`S NOT PLAYING NO GAMES. Maybe she needs to KNOW YOUR NO JOKE.
tygrr - 830 days ago
All in all the spanker was very patient but he should spank her again, for just making it appear as though he cant control her! much respect to the spanker but Jess he should tear your but up good with some restraints next time!
tygrr - 830 days ago
why is she laughing? is that her nervous laugh? I laugh sometimes when nervous, but she has me beat on this one! she also has to learn not to ask her spanker so many questions and submit a little better. I like the fact he didn't give up, but I think Jessica needs to be restrained because you shouldn't have to work that hard to spank her lol and you were very patient to say the least! she begged a lot but it was hard for me to take her seriously with all that laughing.
pamakarma - 830 days ago
I liked the part when she said it hurts and he said "No shit, Sherlock!" He finally found some tape and showed it to her --and i think Jessie acted a little bit better after that.

The guy was very patient and had a good sense of humor too-He couldnt control the spanking too well, but at least he didnt give up.

To Jessie--I know that the spoon and the paddle are very ouchie but fighting and blocking will just make it worse.
Anyway, thanx for sharing.
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