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Description: Merry Christmas! Enjoy this free preview clip. Full video now in members section of www.mommaspankings.com and on DVD at www.danaspecht.com
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Stuart71 - 688 days ago
Nice panties
jbcjbc - 1078 days ago
i loved it your awesome sarah
MaMaBlue - 1480 days ago
What a treat to see three people I LOVE & ADORE all together in this playful video. Sarah it is lovely the way it is. Can't wait to see you all & hug you tight.

BTW: The panty choice was/is perfect for this video. I can not even imagine how INSANE making one video that fit EVERYONE"s taste would be, not to mention, completely impossible.

Peace & Hugs,
MaMa Blue
alaskan - 1482 days ago
Tubaman, we are supposed to be entitled to leave feed back based on our observations as they relate to what we do in our lives, our personal feelings and beliefs about spanking and what we as viewers like to see, whether the parties involved in the video want to incorporate them in their future videos is a different story. I have always interpreted spanking as a punishment and nothing relaxing about it and that''s just my point of view. I like seeing sexy women (which Sarah certainly is) getting soundly spanked ( punished ) who are dressed in skimpy, string bikini panties and I believe I illustrated just that and you have twisted that into " beating the everloving shit out of a woman" and I'm not supposed to be offended. I realize that there is a vast industry and you are right, anyone who doesn't believe is administering relaxing, playfull spankings will not be able to spank a lot of different women and I'm sure they have accepted that but people like me are not in the industry nor do we make a living spanking people so we accept the limitations. The truth be told I could have easily handled the playfull spanking in this video if Sarah was wearing string bikini panties but that would not have followed the theme but I still have an entitlement to comment. This video was a request which means someone else provided their personal beliefs and Sarah honored them. Also I have always associated Dana as a disciplinarian who can administer the harshest of spankings based on the videos I have seen of hers so to see her administer a playfull spanking to me is a little out of the norm or at least the norm I have come to know.
tubaman - 1482 days ago
Sarah, where do you find these clowns?
@alaskan, I can't count on both hands the number of times somebody has told Sarah she should be spanked harder. In the first place, it shows a lack of imagination and skill and range as a Top always to whale on somebody. Any idiot can do that (and some do; REALLY skilled!). Second, doing that SEVERELY limits your play. I have range as a Top, so I get to play with virtually every beautiful woman in the Scene. Those clods who always beat the everloving shit out of women really don't. Finally, it is just plain selfish. A real Dominant takes care of the needs of the Bottom or Submissive. When Sarah wants, needs, or deserves a hard punishment spanking in real life, she GETS one on no uncertain terms; but when she needs or wants a long, relaxing, pleasurable one, or a playful hot seat, she gets that. That's how you get to play with women of her caliber.
I mean no offense, but I see her (and other friends) getting this all the time, and it pisses me off.
@sarahgregory, Sorry you got bruised. You know how I feel about THAT.
spanky343 - 1482 days ago
I thought it was great. always looking good sarah
alaskan - 1482 days ago
Sarah, my comments were purely meant as compliments, forget the age play part for the moment...your far too hot not to be wearing sexy string bikini panties and any woman with an awesome bottom and figure such as you should get soundly spanked.
sarahgregory - 1483 days ago
@alaskan - First off they are not :granny panties" They are full bottom white panties, and a lot of people actually have a fetish for them and it was a request. Second off this was an AGE PLAY video so why would it need to be severe, it was not REAL punishment. And yes Dana can spank hard, but the whole premise of the video was that Momma Dana had never spanked her daughter before and so Santa had to come show her how. And why would I put the best part of the spanking in the FREE clip, that is reserved for people who PAY for the full video. The hairbrush part of the spanking was actually so hard that it bruised me up and that rarely happens.
lolek123 - 1483 days ago
Santa's face got all red when he was spanking her ;)

Merry Christmas everyone
alaskan - 1483 days ago
Sarah is too hot to be wearing granny panties and Dana is capable of administering severe punishment spankings so this video was kind of disappointing.
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