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Description: Kat St James has been playing pranks all day on her friend Lily Starr. First she calls her out saying a boy is on the phone and scares her, then later she puts a thumb tack on Lily's seat. Lily is getting fed up and decides to prank Kat back by calling her into the kitchen yelling that she's cut her finger but is ready to throw a glass of water in her face when she rounds the corner. Unfortunately when Lily yells it's Kyle who comes running instead of Kat and Kyle gets the glass of water in the face before Lily realizes who it is. He is furious and drags Lily to the couch telling her he's fed up with the girls' childish pranks, that he's going to change his shirt and bring out Kat to end this once and for all. The girls continue to bicker and Kyle has had enough. He gives Lily a hard bare bottom spanking to tears with Kat sitting right next to them on the couch watching, then sends Lily to stand in the corner while Kat receives the same punishment. Finally he calls Lily back over and puts each girl over one of his knees to spank them at the same time before making them both stand in the corner and display their well spanked bottoms side by side.
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medeco2020 - 224 days ago
Well Kate did not get it on the bare bum as like Lily did.
spankerboy99 - 499 days ago
repost? Love lilly's big fat ass
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