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Description: Punished Brats full Movie PREVIEW This is the movie "Punished Brats". Cherri grabs the Mega Eve Magazine from Angle-Fuck and the fight begins. Cherri loves and cats so she is wearing a collar with a bell on it. You can hear it ringing through the whole fight. During the fight, hair is pulled, shirts are pulled off and boobs pop out. Cherri gets kicked off the bed and takes a running leap on to Angel like a pro wrestler, Awesome. The slap face box comes out. Mom EVE comes in and flips out on the sisters. She puts Angel-Fuck kneeling by the chair and puts Cherri over her knee. Lifts up her skirt and pull her underwear down. Very hard hand spanking. Those who have been spanked by EVE knows her hand hurts like a paddle. Cherri is put to kneel by the bed and now its Angels turn. Whack, spank hard hand right off the bat. Cherri teases her and points her finger. Now the sisters are kneeling on the bed. Angel says, "Is this you in the magazine, Mommy?" Eve uses two floggers at the same time on Angel and Cherri's bottoms without mercy. Cherri goes, "There's daddy naked in the magazine." Angel pulls her underwear up and gets more punishment for it. So over mommy's knee she goes. Cherri messes with her when mom can't see. Then the girls are switched and mommy uses the horse reins at the same time. They are bent over the bed and the girls scream, "NO". The girls get hit so hard that sometimes they jump when they get hit. Cherri earns an extra 20 for laughing at her sister. Watch the girls scream in pain and moan while mom makes them get their asses in position. Lots of great camera angles and everything.. CLIPS4SALE.COM STORE 72545
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waynewayne - 1015 days ago
that was the way both girls and us boys were spanked in my home it was VERY HOT the lecture was also good group spanking are not seen very often on this web address but they are good, and me next now
mega01 - 1098 days ago
mega01 - 1098 days ago
Thank you so much!!!!! I just put up Cherri`s corporal punishments HOPEFULLY OUT TOMORROW DEC 15 .The new pic I put up is from that movie .out now ,clips4sale 72545 , thank you so much for your support and comets !!!!!! MEGA
MrDeath - 1098 days ago
very lovely ladies getting their bare asses spanked nice and red by Miss Eve....I would love to trade places with them and rub their hot asses afterwards. ;) xoxo
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