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Description: After pulling down his pants, I spanked his bare bottom over the knee with my hand and then a paddle.
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Ben1badboy - 168 days ago
Oh how I dream of marrying a woman who would spank me like that!!!
ctlcvlle - 328 days ago
Mmy favorite vid here. Please tell us. Why was he crying already,?
ctlcvlle - 409 days ago
FUCKING PERFECT. wish we could see his face for reactions.
Hardsmack3 - 434 days ago
Really excellent in terms of the duration, severity and no nonsense approach for punishment which is necessary to satisfy the needs of the submissive within a caring relationship.
markiee - 436 days ago
XO Both should be naked. XO
Larry1111 - 465 days ago
This may well be the most erotic and heartwarming spanking I have ever seen. This young man has seemingly done something he is truly sorrowful for as well as ashamed of and feels the need to pay recompense even though the punishment Isn't at all overdone nor overly severe. The emotional breakdown is such a an intimate and integral part of this video that just makes it hum in my minds eye. Wonderful and beautiful F/M submission in my opinion, What a great life you two have. I truly envy and wish to emulate such a situation ...
midwestman - 475 days ago
Excellent spanking. You have great technique! Great wrist action. No thuds! Every swat is a perfect CRACK or a POP. Those BURN like mad! This video shows very well that you do not need to swing hard for eye popping effect on our poor butts! Your poor hubby... Heh... He is very lucky to have a wife willing to keep him on the straight and narrow....His reaction on this one is more like I would react... That had to HURT, as it SHOULD!
sigi50 - 516 days ago
Very well spanked! He's a lucky guy to have such a wife!
markiee - 585 days ago
A number of years ago I sassed my wife and we started to wrestle (her trying to strip me, me trying to keep my dignity and clothes on), well she won and before I knew it I was in my birthday suit and over her knee. She had just spread my legs apart and was really laying into me when are neighbor Wendy just appeared. Evidently I left the kitchen door open, as I was distracted with our wrestling match, and she got to see all of me. "Sorry for the intrusion but the door was open and I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go shopping, but I can see you're busy". As she started to laugh saying "I can see now why your husband is so well behaved". As they talked my wife spanked on. "Why thank you Wendy, yes he sassed me a little while ago and I had to put my foot down. Nothing humbles a man like a trip over his wife's knee. And yes I will go shopping with you as soon as I'm done here". After my wife let me up she put me facing the corner as the ladies went out for the day.
stinger960 - 598 days ago
Can you spank me like that too?
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