Backtalking Brat - Mom Spanks Daughter in the Kitchen

Added On: 04/19/10   |    Time: 1:4  |   Views: 44553  |   Comments: 14   |  Favorites: 24
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Video Description

Jolie is trying to sneak out the door while her mom Lily is in the kitchen. Lily stops her, calls her in and scolds her that she knows she's not allowed to go anywhere because she's grounded. Jolie argues that it's her best friend's birthday party and she HAS to go. Lily reminds her that if she had behaved she wouldn't be grounded and she could have gone so it was her own fault. Jolie keeps insisting that she has to go to the party and take her present for her friend. Lily takes Jolie's bag and discovers that her "present" is a bottle of vodka which the girls aren't even old enough to have. She takes the bottle away and tells Jolie to go to her room unless she wants a spanking. Jolie stomps off but as soon as mom's back is turned she flips her off. Lily turns just in time to see it and has had enough of Jolie's bratty disrespectful attitude. She pulls out a kitchen chair and pulls her daughter across her lap for a hard spanking and scolding with her hand and then gets the wooden spoon from the drawer to spank Jolie's bare bottom otk until her attitude is greatly improved! This domestic discipline roleplay scenario was based on an idea from artist Lyndal Ferguson. If you would like to see the full spanking it is available for download in my store ( thank you!

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lilystarr's avatar
lilystarr - 1639 days ago

Hi shy_girl22, yes my email address is :-)

shy_girl22's avatar
shy_girl22 - 1640 days ago

hey i love your videos iv watched everyone! i was wondering if there was a personal way to contact you theres a few things id like to ask

lilystarr's avatar
lilystarr - 1640 days ago

Thank you Talkingheads! Lots more coming from both sides lol. :-)

Talkingheads's avatar
Talkingheads - 1640 days ago

Lily, you make such a wonderful femdom! And I love seeing your butt\nbare and turning rosy red!

Semorebutts's avatar
Semorebutts - 1643 days ago

Well, the good thing about sizable asses is that they have good jiggle

Jolie_Snow's avatar
Jolie_Snow - 1644 days ago

I'm BARELY underage!! :p

Chica's avatar
Chica - 1644 days ago

I know:-), but I know what you can do with spoon!

lilystarr's avatar
lilystarr - 1645 days ago

Lol Chica, it's just a role play, although Jolie IS still underage for drinking! :-)

Jolie_Snow's avatar
Jolie_Snow - 1645 days ago


Chica's avatar
Chica - 1645 days ago

Poor Jolie, It was just vodka:-)

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