Scream for the Cane II

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Description: When two strippers are caught fighting in the club there is only only solution: The belt and the cane on their bare asses.
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Showing 1 to 10 of 14 comments.
marc92000 - 1094 days ago
Excellent !!!
allyg - 1259 days ago
She's gonna tip that bench over and bust her face!
fantasyisland - 1529 days ago
very very nice, love this one
MissWhip - 1639 days ago
You really should give them time to finish their line before you strike again....also, you need some better canes. Making them break does not prove your manliness, merely your lack of insight into buying the right equipment.
dfwhorndogs - 2148 days ago
yummy girl from "bailout busted". mmmm more of her please.
Wellspanked - 2156 days ago
Hey arbuthnot, what part of shut the fuck up don't you understand.
arbuthnot - 2173 days ago
"Those are some lousy quality canes..."\n\nActually not canes at all, quadturbo. These sticks are clearly timber -dowel rod or somerthing similar made of wood. Canes are either grasses or roots. The grasses include bamboo -not suitable for punishment in my view- and malacca. Rattan is the real thing for punishment canes and it is the root of a parasitic climber or vine. WOODEN STICKS ARE NOT CANES, they're...err...sticks. The qualities of rattan -flexibility and whippiness- can be reproduced in artificial canes of various plastics, of course, such as delrin. Fibreglass is dangerous unless it is sheathed in leather or rubber, as tiny shards of glass can shear off.\n\nWhacking someone with a rigid stick is fine if that's what you want to do. It will penetrate and leave a bruise. It will, however, be ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THE FEEL OF A CANE, the pain and legacy of which are completely different. A perhaps trivial aspect of a caning which some of us enjoy is bending and flexing it -almost double sometimes- whilst lecturing the miscreant. This communicates to them all too clearly that what is about to follow the instruction to bend over is going to hurt A LOT more than being hit with a stick. That's how the more sadistic teachers used to put the fear of god into us at school 50 years ago.
Goku1025 - 2191 days ago
Nickie is my fav. More please!
gullahboy - 2198 days ago
Glad to see Black Pearl Back .......Its hard to believe that Nikie would pick a fight with Pearl ........she must be a tuff somthin..........
mr123jab - 2205 days ago
awesome dude
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