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Description: Linny is a sweet young lady growing up in a strict but loving Christian household. She has always been taught that she must save herself for marriage, and takes seriously her vow to do so. But lately, she has been having impure thoughts and urges regarding her boyfriend Jimmy, and today at school she even made out with him. Linny is very worried that she is going to be tempted to do something she'll regret that could lead to all sorts of trouble, so when she gets home from school, she decides to talk to her mom about it. She has been thinking about how well disciplined she was as a , and that it was largely because of the spankings her parents gave her that were a good reminder and deterrent for her to mind her behavior. Her mom Lily is sitting at the kitchen table so Linny sits down with her to talk about this. Lily is surprised to hear her daughter's request, disappointed that things have been getting a bit out of control with Jimmy, but also proud that her daughter wants to do the right thing so badly that she's willing to ask for something very unpleasant to try to keep on the right path. Lily tells Linny to go to her bedroom and wait for her mom to come in and discipline her, just like when she was a little girl. Linny sits on the bed, waiting anxiously until Lily returns with the implements she used to find effective in the past, a well worn leather belt and a heavy wooden bath brush. First Lily sits on the edge of the bed and pulls Linny over her lap to warm her up with a hard hand spanking. Linny is then made to bend over with her hands on the dresser for the belt. After she has been strapped for awhile over her panties, she reminds her mom that she used to always pull her panties down and maybe it would be more effective if she did. Mom wasn't sure if it would be appropriate at her age now, but since it was her daughter's suggestion she agrees that it may get the point across a little more clearly that way and pulls down her panties so that the rest of her punishment will be bare bottom. Once she is done with the belt, Lily tells her to get on all fours on the bed to finish her disciplinary session with the bath brush, which she will be feeling for some time. Linny starts to beg Lily for her spanking to be over, saying she has learned the lesson, but Lily wants to be sure it sinks in and is effective, after all she did ask for this so she must have been having some serious thoughts about sinning. Mom is understanding, caring, and loving throughout the scene, but still knows the importance of delivering a severe reminder and follows through thoroughly. The bath brush leaves Linny welted and purple, certainly something to think about the next time she thinks about kissing Jimmy! Introducing Linny Lace to Lily Starr Spanking, Linny is a lovely new young model who plays the sweet school girl with impure thoughts perfectly here in this very traditional style domestic discipline video. Filmed in HD.
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lilystarr - 374 days ago
Thank you, I'm glad you like it! :-)
Krabask - 617 days ago
One of my favorite stories.
It is so cute how Linny really want a good spanking from mother Lily, and Lily is so lovely.
waynewayne - 712 days ago
me and my friends did the same things in high school we would ask a grown up to paddle or bare bottom so we would behave
lilystarr - 812 days ago
@ttpd, thank you! It always gets the point across effectively. :-)
takethosepantiesdown - 813 days ago
The bathbrush was great!
lilystarr - 819 days ago
@gbpack44, thank you, I'm so glad!! :-)
gbpack44 - 820 days ago
This video is SO hot, I loved it!!
lilystarr - 820 days ago
MrDeath, your comments are much sweeter than your name, lol, thank you so much! :-)
MrDeath - 820 days ago
I would love to trade places with Miss Lovely Linny over Miss Lovely Lily's lap and rub Miss Lovely Linny's hot red bare ass after her spankings. Miss Lovely Linny is wearing a sexy dress has hot legs and is wearing nice black boots. ;) xoxo
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