Self spanking with Loopy cane

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Description: I don't have a normal cane, but I do have a couple Loopy canes! This is the heavier one, because the small one wouldn't be very effective for a video.
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aredbottom4u - 1481 days ago
Naughty girl! Doing that for yourself when I am here to do it for you.
NaturalWedgie - 1839 days ago
ooh her butt and thighs are super meaty. i'd love to see her get hand spanked, wedgied, and fondled in some cotton bikini panties by another girl
razrstrpr - 2261 days ago
Good job; but I am sure you deserve more, don't you?
smallcup512 - 2342 days ago
I've seen Rhino's with nicer asses
pb1 - 2761 days ago
Hello qgirl\r\nVery nice movie you make your butt look too lovely, only it was me who was allowed to slap you. I am a Danish man of 50 years you would be writing to the\r\np.b1 @\r\nRegards Per\r\n
JimmyHoffa - 2772 days ago
Can anyone tell spanktrucker I am okay? I am not in her ass again, I was in rehab for ass addiction. Being in there for 40 years made a ass junkie outta me. Nice tennis racket looking thing you have there. Get it from Wimbeldon? Bye now, nice to see you again. Gonna go home and start my 12 level ass recovery therapy.
spanktrucker - 2772 days ago
Dont jump to conclusions. I did not say that Jimmy Hoffa was inside her ass again. He is missing and i want to know if anyone has seen him. Have gone one day and didnt make any observations. See i am being nice. Can i join the club now? Can Jimmy Hoffa join when I find him, too?
GypsyBitch - 2772 days ago
You remind me very much of a friend of mine who had an iron botom much like yours. I dont get into self spanking, but this is quite entertaining, keep up the good work! I have special props for those who can take a beating like that--
arbuthnot - 2773 days ago
Don't know about thin, whippy, canes being "wrong". At school, we always hoped the cane WOULDN'T be a thin one. That hurt more at the time and for half an hour or so afterwards. We were being short-termists and thinking of the moment rather than the longer term. Actually, the canes I remember encountering always seemed a lot less flexible if they were thicker and heavier, so we probably did have reason to fear them less. Whilst a thicker cane is bound to be a little less flexible, the ideal is one which is heavy, dense, but still very, very bendy. The best dragon canes fit this bill and soaking one before use makes it even more fearsome. Inferior ones have the weight and density but less flexibility. I speak exclusively from the point of view of someone wielding the cane (when I get the chance) nowadays. Not everyone, by any means, can take the dragon cane or has your "ironbutt", qgirl, so the lighter, whippier, stringier kooboo cane has it's place too. Horses for courses, I think, the right cane for the right bottom or occasion, and each has its place.
qgirl - 2773 days ago
Jemma, don't worry about it. A lot of people assume that if you have a Top that you're also in a relationship with them. No biggie. I know he's going to be looking at these videos, and I wouldn't want him to think that I was making our friendship into something bigger if he reads the comments.
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