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Description: Matron takes her slipper to Lottie while Lotties 2 freinds wait in line knowing they are next. Taken from the www.SlutSpanking.com - 3 Bared And Bent - Enjoy Missy
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badkittey12 - 2032 days ago
would love to be her friends waiting for their slippering
Tearaway - 2064 days ago
cant beat a good hiding with the slipper
DathanMcRedmond - 2772 days ago
Love it!!!
nic - 2773 days ago
the 'slipper' is deffo my fav implement after a good ole Hand OTK spankin good an hard ,.especialy when the spanker takes the slipper off to do some slipperin (carpet slipper) bends you otk or over the chair back tans your bottom soundly then puts the slipper back on :) but thats juss my fantasy ,.but agreed this is a sound slipperin an i would love to see more ,lots more ,. regards ,....nic
cali-cutie - 2773 days ago
Arbuthnot, I know what you mean. Years before I met my husband I had a play partner who used his mother's old slipper on me and it was less than exciting for me. I recently did a ballerina video and had my husband use my real ballet slipper - what a painful difference! Must say, I'm a fan of slippers now!\n
arbuthnot - 2773 days ago
There's been recent discussion on another clip about how effective the slipper can be, with someone saying it was merely "like a walk in the park" to get a slippering. Not only does the severity depend a lot on the type of slipper used and it's condition (old and worn hurts a lot more), but the position of the spanker. The full potential of the slipper cannot be realised OTK. For that to be achieved, it needs a full swing and a transfer of weight.\n\nThis was, however, a fairly good, hard slippering as far as its OTK use goes, so I'm not criticising this clip at all and thanks for posting it.
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