Little Miss Firecracker! Niece Spanked on the 4th of July

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Description: Lily is brought into her bedroom by her Uncle Robert who sits her down and scolds her after she was caught out partying with friends setting off fireworks in an area where it was prohibited and punishable with a $1,000 fine. He is also not happy about her choice of attire, a festive costume which is a bit too revealing. The misbehaving girl is taken otk by her Uncle and has her little costume skirt flipped up for a long intense hand spanking over her lacy red panties. Then he has her lay on the bed bare bottom and creates a fireworks display of his own with the "Bad Girl" heavy double leather strap to make sure this little brat learns to obey the laws and behave more appropriately. To see this full spanking scene and lots more please visit I can also always be contacted to book private sessions, trade shoots or paid shoots in the Southern California area at!
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vaughn5 - 2741 days ago
lily ur clips are such a turn on keep it up ur my fantasy!! wit that gorgeous booty of urs
lilystarr - 2784 days ago
No problem Piper, glad you liked it. :-)\n\nThanks kitten, lol I don't know, I've just always had a pretty good tolerance, I know you can build it up the more you get spanked too though. \n\nThanks Jolie! :-)
Jolie_Snow - 2784 days ago
too cute
piper33 - 2784 days ago
I know lily and I didn't mean for that to come across so brash. enjoyed it :)
BbwLacekitten - 2784 days ago
Thank you Lily for your spanking videos! I love the creative way that you come up with your story ideas and filming techniques. Sometimes though I dont know how you handle as much spanking as you do without squirming completely out of the way. I guess you could say I am jealous.
lilystarr - 2784 days ago
Aww thank you Spanker-nyc, what a nice comment. :-)\n\nThank you arbuthnot as always lol.\n\nPiper33, well obviously it's a roleplay scene, not trying to convince anyone it's a real domestic scenario. I understand what you mean, but unfortunately options are often limited when traveling and/or when people don't live alone as many of us don't.
piper33 - 2785 days ago
when it is clearly a hotel room it takes the realism away for me.
arbuthnot - 2785 days ago
"As usual Lily's bottom is always a pleasure to watch." And so say I and hundreds of others!
Spanker-nyc - 2785 days ago
As usual Lily's bottom is always a pleasure to watch. My favorite scenes of her are over-the-knee. And with the camera angle aiming up and close to that bottom makes it more enjoyable. To have a bottom spank in that position makes it seems like Lily is awaiting, us the viewers to spank her. It is right in your face. OOOHHHH How I wish her bottom was laying across my lap practically in my face awaiting a good spanking.
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