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Description: Sadie must learn to obey and behave herself. Once a week or so, she needs to be stripped naked and taken OTK and just spanked very hard. The spanking shown here is both for punishment, but it also shows how she is spanked for Maintenance Spankings. Maintenance Spankings should not be just a light spanking, but should make the girl cry freely to convulsively so she knows that her Master is serious about her being obedient and behaving herself.
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Doghouse23 - 207 days ago
Sometimes I think he goes far that's my opinion
NZlittleoldgirl - 237 days ago
Got ordered to give myself one of these sessions which also included other punishments earlier this week by Sir. I live in New Zealand so I live too far away to be able to get spanked by Sir. (So do self punishments) maybe one day I will get over that way and could include being spanked with sightseeing with my family. Thanks once again for the videos and advice . My bottom continues to be very hot every day From Your Little Girl (Karen) from NZ
Director4U - 281 days ago
Dear MeOTK1,
I am "mean" because the girls need very hard spankings. If they did not misbehave or were not disobedient, they would not get spanked. Too many "spankings" are not really spankings at all, they are just "love taps" designed to satisfy the spanker and spankee. I get no satisfaction out of spanking a girl, but when she needs it, I will be very "mean" and blister her bottom. And, no, I do not hug a girl after spanking her. I am punishing her. I just push them onto the floor and leave, until they need to get spanked again.
I am pleased that you enjoy watching my films.
Headmaster Ken
meotk1 - 282 days ago
Why do you have to be so mean. I'm glad you're not my disciplinarian. By the way do you ever offer the girls a comforting hug and after spanking them or you really don't care at all.
Director4U - 542 days ago
Dear Newly Taken,
I'm pleased that you enjoy my videos.
Yes, girls do cry, and cry loudly when they are spanked hard. And, you confirm why some girls are sent to me or come to me on their own to be spanked ... boyfriends and husbands are afraid that they may hurt you.
Of course, you will be hurt, that is what a spanking is for. But most guys will stop if you even begin to cry or even begin to scream a little.
Oh well, that's what I'm here for. I have had several wives sent to me for spankings just because the husband did not want to do it. Zara and Cortney among some others were sent to me by their husband to make sure they got the spankings they needed.
Enjoy, Headmaster Ken
newlytaken - 542 days ago
I love your videos because I am not at all stoic when being spanked and make a lot of noise with much less impact. Plus, I don't cry easily so I don't get the release of years. My husband is always afraid he is really hurting me so I don't get spanked all that often, although I wish I did.
badgirlalways - 555 days ago
I did like this EXCEPT for leadin her by her hair... smh...
Director4U - 694 days ago
Dear Blauereiter,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have found that if one really wants to punish a girl properly so that she actually learns, is to administer a very hard spanking without concern for how much she screams and cries. I know that some do not like hearing a girl scream when spanked, but then they have never heard a girl who is actually spanked severely. I do not play or administer patty-cake spankings. With Sadie, there was a real problem--drugs. One has to replace the effect of drugs with something else, and, surprisingly, possibly, a severe spanking does help at times. At least unless the girl is just too far gone! Such spankings also actually do help with a girl who cuts or is self-abusive. The harsh spankings replace the need for cutting and other such behaviors. Instead of "ruthless", however, I prefer that I am simply administering what the girl needs to punish her properly and I do not care how much she screams and cries, or his bottom is blistered!
blauereiter - 694 days ago
I do like your style: severe and ruthless, The ONLY way, in my opinion.
Director4U - 725 days ago
Pleased that you enjoy the video.
"brat504": Some complain about the girls crying in my videos. However, my videos are not just for your enjoyment, but to show how girls are actually spanked. With few exceptions, my girls come to me to be given spanking-punishment for actual misbehaviors or disobedience. Therefore, I spank them hard, as a spanking should be given. And, when a girl is spanked hard, she does scream and cry. You should be concerned if she wasn't crying loudly, since that would mean that her spanking was all for show, rather than punishment.
Anyway, my girls scream and cry in an "annoying" way, because I am in fact blistering their bottom. Just look at Sadie's bottom and you can tell.
Best wishes to you all,
Headmaster Ken
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