Zara Repeatedly Spanked

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Description: Zara needs to be spanked repeatedly for being disobedient, drinking, smoking, and other such things! In fact, she asks to be spanked more even after a spanking. To see more of Zara being spanked, please go to
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analhankerin - 381 days ago
Love your series of videos, wish I could be there to lend a spanking hand!
Mr_Spankman - 574 days ago
An EXCELLENT series of spanking scenarios !
Director4U - 617 days ago
#badsoso: I see that you only receive messages from friends. So, be my friend.
Director4U - 617 days ago
Contact me, and I'll see what can be done!
badsoso - 617 days ago
That's just what I need
Director4U - 658 days ago
Dear Sally,

I am pleased that you understand and appreciate the need for such discipline. Of course, if you need such spankings, just contact me and we'll see if we can arrange to administer what you need.

Just contact me at:

Headmaster Ken
Sallysally - 658 days ago
I really admire this kind of discipline. I wish I can get a good one to adjust my nonSense attitude
plzforgiveme - 714 days ago
Ken, I think the video of training them to hold their position may be more interesting :) They avoid, beg, cry, but get harder spanking ...
Director4U - 717 days ago
Others have asked that question, and the response is: I "expect" them to hold their position, and then I "beat the crap out of them if they don't!" :) It is what is called in the Spanking Industry a "Disobedience Spanking"; i.e., a spanking if a girl moves her bottom to avoid being spanked, resists getting ready to be spanked, resists bending over as ordered, or reaches back to cover her bottom. When a girl has to be spanked, the disciplinarian has to be very authoritative and maintain control without having to resort to wrestling or fighting with the girl to spank her. She is expected to obey and she does. Also, however, the spankings I administer are real spankings, and the girl is being trained for a goal that SHE wants to achieve. If she interferes with her training, then I will not work with her! E.g., a girl cannot get over "cutting" if she resists the "treatment"! However, I have administered Disobedience Spankings at times, and when I do the girl is severely spanked.
plzforgiveme - 717 days ago
Ken, how do you make her and other models hold the position during hard spanking. They don't cover butt with hands or even move at all. How do you make it happen? Did you train them and punish more if they moved?
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