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Description: This is really a true event! A once-in-a-lifetime request that we could not resist. Karen, an 18 year old young lady from Scotland, contacted us to ask if we would be prepared to give her the very first spanking of her young life and, not only that, for us to film it! Karen had never had her bottom bared and a hand applied to it. It was a virgin bottom ripe for deflowering. After we had recovered from the shock we invited her down to our studio and gave her a prolonged, hard, bare bottom spanking just as you will see it in this film. A fantastic OTK virgin bottom spanking movie
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daddy! - 2265 days ago
reading the description reminded me of a 25 year old "fuck buddy" (that's what she wanted to be, not a relationship), a short, flat-chested little goth chick wannabe, who had an interest in kinky clothes, but had never been spanked in her life. I gave her many a bare-bottom spanking over the course of 5 and a half months of dating and her firm young bottom (which I only ever turned a light pink, because she wasn't ready for anything too hard) was warmed many many times, before, during and after sex, as well as any time I thought she was being a brat, which was often. I fondly remember that liason, as I hope she does. She looked so adorable bent over for a good whacking, though she didn't want to call me Daddy or Master. Not a roleplayer, but she never complained about the kinky stuff. Her pussy got wet every time.
SoundPunishment - 2768 days ago
We have another two films of Karen 'in the can' which will be released soon. In one she is OTK as a naughty schoolgirl with hand and gym shoe, and the other she spanked and strapped by the female school nurse. So more fun to come :-)
arbuthnot - 2768 days ago
Karen, I'm sure you could have the career in spanking films which some people have suggested, if that's what you want. But it's not the only way to go. You might just like being spanked and I'm sure you'll never be short of men (or women, if you prefer) willing to oblige. That's equally available to you. Best wishes to you, wherever you choose to take things from here.
arbuthnot - 2768 days ago
@ Oldknight. There were a number of battles in 1745, of course. The one I was referring to, where the Jacobites effectively bared their bottoms and said "please spank us" to the Duke of Cumberland was, of course, the final one at Culloden. I think Oldknight is referring to Prestonpans, where it was the other side which got whacked and gave rise to the song "Hey Johnny Cope are ye waulking yet?" Neither were they all southerners, or even Lowlanders. The strongest force in the Highlands, the Campbells, were on the Hanoverian side together with many other Highlanders and they got to rule the Highlands with English miiltary assistance for generations afterwards. To see 1745 as English versus Scots just doesn't fit the facts. It was a Scottish civil war in which the victorious side was the natural ally of the new British state and the Jacobites its opponents. I rate them both as nasty gangsters and war criminals, and the Jacobites as rather stupid ones, to boot. I don't take either side. \n\nBut, to get back to spanking by a circuitous route, would the so-called "Scottish Enlightenment" ever have happened if the Jacobites and the Hanoverians hadn't knocked hell's bells out of each other first? Would the dominie's tawse ever have replaced the soldier's musket in shaping Scotland's future, propelling it towards learning and rational thought rather than killing?\n\nNot really convinced of the above myself, but I had to get the ubiquitous tawse in somewhere, didn't I?
overigo - 2769 days ago
I think Karen could have a good career in the spanking movie game so lets hope we see more of her soon..
DubbleOh7 - 2769 days ago
Sexy girl! Nice spanking!\n\nI'm a huge fan of jeans, but there's something so sexy about skirt up, panties down!
carboy12 - 2769 days ago
Oh my Dear , Such a beautiful little rear .
Spankfun2 - 2770 days ago
That's how you start a career! Move on, Karen.
Tiedkev - 2771 days ago
Karen I Loved seeing your Very Sexy Bottom getting Spanked for the First time. I Hope it is Not the Last time we see that Gorgeous Ass getting Spanked.
arbuthnot - 2772 days ago
Didn't you expect it to be sore, Karen? You took it well and looked like a young woman who needs it a bit harder. Thank you for letting us watch your very first, Karen, and best wishes to you.\n\n@ jackobite 1745 Now that name's a reference to very severe Scotttish spanking! They sort of bared their own bottoms, bent over in front of the duke and said "Please give us a good spanking, Your Grace. We've been very naughty". Well, they might as well, anyway. Idiots!
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