A dozen with the big Poplar paddle.

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Description: A maintenance paddling.
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powerplant9491 - 581 days ago
like how they were delivered & sounds that came out of it and you !!!
Becoming a fan of yours ........................................................................
Juliebuns - 608 days ago
Great swats.
antoniotomas - 609 days ago
Quite honestly, I did not take that very well at all. Embarrassing to squirm around like I did. Will be taking another one tomorrow morning. Will be taking 12 warm up swats. Then will get a dozen legs together, then a dozen with legs spread. If I don't stay in position, penalty swats will be given.
SeriousScott - 610 days ago
Damn that's nice, major ouch!
garykane - 610 days ago
Another great paddling. Must have hurt like hell. I'm with ThatBratinGA, I'd like to see him take two dozen, delivered faster. Also I'd like to see his Lady take control and tell him what's coming. But I hate to sound critical of an excellent video clip.
spnkswtch - 610 days ago
Great paddling! Thanks for sharing!
ThatBratinGA - 610 days ago
I love listening to the guy's reaction to each paddle spank...the loud crack of the wooden paddle on his bare bottom followed immediately by an INHALED cry of pain and surprise as the paddle literally takes his breath away and then his "oh's" as he breathes out again and the pain sinks in and he anticipates getting it again. Would love to see and HEAR this guy get two dozen paddle spanks quickly delivered so that he could not regain control of himself between each.
pietdev - 610 days ago
Did it hurt?

YES! We can hear and see it.

Piet from Germany
jackdog - 610 days ago
Excellent paddling! Maybe it's just my old XP laptop, maybe it's this video file, but about half of the swats were cut/chopped out. Perhaps this resulted from the file compression in the up/down loading process. The same missing swats occured at the same places in the video. Based on the swats that I saw and on the color change it made on his butt, this lady whacked him pretty good!
Ericfr3 - 610 days ago
I have gotten some pretty sound paddings in my time but I would have a hard time staying position for that.
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