Punishing Disobedient Domestic Girls

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Description: Spanking Wives and Daughters. Several different spankings of a "wife" or "daughter" are shown. See my Blog, "Wife Frequently Spanked", for an extensive description of a girl who is frequently spanked by her husband. http://spankedcoeds2.com/blog/
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Director4U - 8 days ago
Hi, Janie,
Thanks! Yes, girls do need some real, hard spankings to make them behave! :)
Best wishes, Headmaster Ken
Justjanie - 8 days ago
Wow.... Terrific Spanking!
Director4U - 57 days ago
Hi, Sany!
Thanks. Pleased that you enjoyed the spanking!
Headmaster Ken
Sany - 57 days ago
Beatiful spanking!
Director4U - 123 days ago
Dear MeOTK1,
Yes, I am strict, and I do provide excellent lessons for disobedient and misbehaving girls. And, no, I do not hug or comfort the girls, with very few exceptions. I punish girls, and want their spanking results to last as long as possible. If they rub their bottom, I'll spank them again! Harder! :)
Best wishes, Headmaster Ken
meotk1 - 123 days ago
Dear Sir. Wow you really are strict and you get your lesson across very well. I'm kinda glad you're not my disciplinarian. He says I'll never be too old to be spanked (I'm 65) do you ever hug& comfort the girls after spanking them?
Director4U - 235 days ago
Dear Bad Girl,

Yes, that hairbrush is plastic. I do have a wood, thick punishment hairbrush but it really hurts and I only use it on a few girls. I have about 10 hairbrushes so that I can keep one in each room of the home for easy access. But they are all plastic since the girls can easily get them at any number of stores, Walmart, Meijer, etc. Also, they are very effective in being able to administer a much harder spanking without excessive bruising.

Best wishes,
Headmaster Ken
badgirlalways - 235 days ago
that hairbrush sounds like a plastic one............is it?
Director4U - 365 days ago
Yes, I can assure you that the girls are really crying. I give real and very authentic spankings, and if a girl does not cry, I will spank her harder until she does. Not sure why you think, however, that the girls are not crying. Paddles, hairbrushes and straps do hurt.
Best wishes, and thanks for watching.
Headmaster Ken
Acapella - 365 days ago
Are these real? Are the girls really crying?
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