Little Girl Faking Sick: Temp Taken and Spanked

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Video Description

It is time for school and Jolie has a big test today but she's still cuddled up in bed wearing her adorable ruffly babydoll pajamas and holding her teddy bear. Her mom Lily comes in to tell her to get up for school and Jolie says she can't go because she's too sick and has a fever. But mom knows Jolie really just doesn't want to take the test. So she decides to use a thermometer and take Jolie's temp over her knee telling her that if she has a fever she can stay home in bed but if she was lying she's getting a spanking and then sent to school. Of course mom knew best and Jolie was not sick so she gets a good spanking over Mommy's lap. Very cute ageplay spanking video. Full video available at Lily is available for sessions in Southern California and will be booking sessions in Las Vegas while in town for the Shadow Lane party 9/1-9/6. Contact if interested or just to say hi. :-)

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razrstrpr's avatar
razrstrpr - 1210 days ago

This clip reminds me of my life in the 50's. Enjoyed it.

lilystarr's avatar
lilystarr - 1527 days ago

Thanks again Mr Phillips. That does sound like a rather exciting scene to come across on TV. :-) I'd have no problem being on the other side of the thermometer in a video for the right top. :-)\n\nThank you general! xo

general's avatar
general - 1528 days ago

I love Lily, even as a top. I love the big bottoms.\nfuzzbuster, go away.

Mr_Phillips's avatar
Mr_Phillips - 1528 days ago

Before I was so rudely interrupted, I meant to say that I really enjoy the temp taking fantasy as well as spanking. I have always wondered why those two go together but I have always been intrigued by both. I remember as a child watching TV, seeing an elegant but stuck up lady in a soap opera protesting having to have her temperature taken and the young handsome doctor saying "if you don't want to put that in your mouth I do have an alternative". She looked shocked, stared him eye to eye for a moment (as if she was considering or envisioning the alternative) and slowly put the thermometer in her mouth. The doc smiled and left the bedroom. I only saw that clip once but thought about it for years afterward imagining the "alternative'. Sorry, I guess Cali has got everyone in a sharing state of mind lately.\n\nWould be great to see you on the receiving end of the thermometer Lily...just sayin'....

lilystarr's avatar
lilystarr - 1528 days ago

Thank you so much everyone, it means a lot. Good point arbuthnot, it's so awesome that no matter how many aliases this bitter person makes up they end up drowned out by genuine people who have something positive to add. :-)\n\nManchaterfield and phil01 I was glad to be able to finally do a temp taking clip, I know many people like to see this (as do I from time to time) and you don't see it too often. :-)\n\nGracias AmistonGirl!\n\nSevere1, thank you, it's just a preview to a longer clip and yes, I have to make do with portable lights and hotel rooms sometimes, sorry about that. As always though, the actual film quality is far better than the version spankingtube converts to.\n\nCareful what you wish for waycross. ;-) Thank you!\n\nThank you Spankherbare!\n\nAnd thanks Chica, even though you were on here after bedtime. :-p

waycross's avatar
waycross - 1528 days ago

Lilly, I think you look lovely, and I would be honored to go over your lap for a spanking.

phil01's avatar
phil01 - 1528 days ago

Mmmmm! It's awfully convenient that OTK is the best position for temp taking. That way if they're faking they're already in position for the punishment. :)

Severe1's avatar
Severe1 - 1528 days ago

I don't know what the guys beef .\nI thought that the video was a little short and needed more lighting , other than that it was good .

AmistonGirl's avatar
AmistonGirl - 1528 days ago

Fuzzbuster, I think your are the only person who was sick and tired... maybe you need other site... Lillystarr I love your work, don't paid attention to guy like this...\r\n\r\nSigue con tu trabajo es excelente y muchos lo apreciamos... y claro que encantaria tener una seccion contigo. Besos.

Manchaterfield's avatar
Manchaterfield - 1529 days ago

I might have to buy this one, I love temperature taking ^_^

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