Punished for Orgasms

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Description: Mr went abroad alone for 3 weeks. We made an deal: Mrs could give herself as many orgasms as she liked while Mr was away. Mr was not allowed any. When Mr returns, he will owe Mrs the number of orgasms that she gave herself while he was away before he is allowed to cum. If he orgasms by mistake before he has paid all those orgasms off, double the number of remaining orgasms are added to the total paddle strokes he gets (on top of getting 21 to start with, one for each day away). He will get paddled only once he has paid off all the owed orgasms to Mrs. So how did it go? When Mr got back, Mrs had given herself 22 orgasms, so thats what he had to give her before being allowed to cum again himself. He only had 3 weeks to do it in, as Mrs as off on her own journey abroad then. Mr finally managed to give Mrs the 22nd orgasm finally the DAY BEFORE SHE LEFT! This was hell, as now he could cum all he liked, but had no Mrs :-( Anyhow, he failed 4 times while repaying those orgasms, and the total strokes earnt totalled 145. To summarize, Mr cpl tongued Mrs to orgasm 22, then she lashed him to the bed and paddled his bottom 145 times, and then left him for 3 weeks. On the plus side, we will play the same game in reverse while Mrs is away, so there will be a similar video up showing that paddling :-) **if you want to buy and download any of our vids, you can find them at: http://clips4sale.com/105422 The HD version of this video is on there**
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jasonay88 - 38 days ago
Always come back to this video hoping to see the other side of it! I think they might make us wait a year ;)
bluframe - 48 days ago
When I spank my hubby, I get especially thrilled as he gets red. I also always put cream on him - I love touching his butt. This was a great share - thank you
Truman71 - 69 days ago
Beautiful! I love the aftercare too
enfin12335 - 75 days ago
An excellent marital arrangement. i wish i could come home to this.
PaddleMyAss - 88 days ago
I love this Lady! He is a lucky guy!!!
Ros_Levi - 104 days ago
azarin - 142 days ago
is the mrs. spanking coming soon? Would love to see!! This one was great!
sparklyprod - 164 days ago
Love this video. Kept waiting for her to 'punish' the parts laying on the pillow... :)
And, as someone else noted, the aftercare was nice and actually very hot with her straddling him like that.
MichaelR - 188 days ago
When will the reverse be up? :)
Naughtyspike - 193 days ago
Love the aftercare
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