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Description: SPANKO PRODUCTIONS (CLIPS4SALE.COM/110080) is now open, with 20 full length clips in different file formats to start you out, along with CONVIENENT CLIP SUMMARYS for those of you searching for vids on a time limit, as well as previews on every video to decide if its the right one for you. HERE IS A FULL 16 MINUTE CLIP OF ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCTIONS "WANDERING WOES". IF WE GET 100 VOTES AND ITS AT 5 STARS ON OCTOBER 30, WE WILL RELEASE A FULL LENGTH FREE HALLOWEEN VIDEO AS WELL! Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "WANDERING WOES" FEAT. Johanna Sullivan & Kyle Johnson CONVENIENT SCENE SUMMARY: --M/F, FULL LENGTH (16+ MIN) OUTDOOR SPANKING SCENE, ORDER OF CLOTHING: STRIPPED TO NUDE AT START, VERY UNIQUE AS IT SWITCHES FROM FIRST PERSON / POV TO WIDE SHOT THROUGHOUT THE SPANKING AND DURING THE INITIAL CLOTHING REMOVAL, SETUP AND LECTURE FOLLOWED BY LONG SPANKING TO TEARS, HAND USED TO MARKING, VERY SERIOUS DISCIPLINARY STYLE SPANKING BY TWO HARD PLAYERS:: FULL SCENE SUMMARY: Poor Johanna made a BIG mistake when she ran away after she didn't get her way in an argument. Taking off into the woods behind her and her husbands ranch, she disapears and loses track of time, wandering through the woods and picking flowers. Little does she know, however, that her husband has been FRANTICALLY looking for her everywhere for 3 hours and sunset is approaching. He finally finds her on a log, and quickly storms up, demanding to know what she was thinking. Johanna trys to explain herself but is cut off by her disappointed husband, who informs her that since she embarrassed him by running away from an adult argument in front of company, he was going to STRIP her COMPLETELY NUDE at the start, and then SPANK HER til she is marked and SOBBING for her immature behaviors. Switching from wide shot to an amazing first person as she slowly and nervously removes her clothes article by article until she is BUTT NAKED and ready to be spanked to tears. Her husband takes her briskly across his lap and proceeds to use his hand to have her struggling, squirming, and yelping as she is spanked til she marks and starts to sob. THIS IS A VERY INTENSE FULL LENGTH SCENE WITH A VERY HARD SPANKING, NOT FOR FUN SPANKING ONLY FANS! This is sure to be one of the classics of Spanko Productions in the future years to come, so check it out now!
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Models: Johanna Sullivan,
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breakmydreams - 34 days ago
Great job once again Kyle!!!
spankme1997 - 182 days ago
My favorite part is when she swears and you say "I will remind you everytime."
Misswheels - 196 days ago
that is the best one yet
masterspanker30 - 352 days ago
one of the best themes for an utmost spanking, but i have never found the guts to do such a thing to my girl out in the public's eye. great job man.
badgirlalways - 483 days ago
good hand spankin but I agree.. that's not what id call "beatin her ass"....
WWEjunkie2006 - 483 days ago
Haha aw thanks, @DrBarton! I am a top, but i appreciate the compliment. I have always been told i had a spankable butt. God cursed me with no submissive bones in my body, so I have a smackable ass that noone gets to smack. Sick sad irony! :-) Thanks for watching, GET US TO 100 5 STAR VOTES BY OCTOBER 31ST FOR A FULL LENGTH HALLOWEEN VIDEO!
DrBarton - 483 days ago
The boy in the shorts deserved to have his bottom bared and spanked cherry red!
spnkswtch - 483 days ago
Great spanking! The outdoor setting was awesome.
princess81 - 484 days ago
That was a decent spanking but i would hardly say you beat her ass.
strman - 484 days ago
Wow! Fantastic spanking! Thanks!
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