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This slave discovers what an absolutly helpless situation + severe caning really means.Tied to metal stairs in an abundant subway tunnel the young girl is subject to a very sadistic corporal punishment:each stroke leads to very thick bloody welts - the proof punishment quality!

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Girls Spanked Hard
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sissyjamieanne's avatar
sissyjamieanne - 783 days ago

She's beautiful...Love the way she's positioned and required to keep her bottom up and out!

asshot's avatar
asshot - 1335 days ago

What a tiny waist and that beautiful round ass with welt popping up everywhere

vickwelt's avatar
vickwelt - 1492 days ago

I'd love a caning like that. Contact me a t:

winterkitten78's avatar
winterkitten78 - 1563 days ago

I have to agree with some of the others, cane strokes should not be applied too high- certainly not the back!- there are other implements such as floggers and whips that can be used on backs. I understand that everyone is different and what is severe to one person may be mild to someone else, however I do feel that this video has been misdescribed although this was probably done to encourage more people to click on the link in order to purchase the shoot. I'm all for self promotion but lets have realistic descriptions please.

marry1369's avatar
marry1369 - 1563 days ago

I don't know,these guys get on my nerves.Is it just me???The women are always beautiful.ditch the guys

quadturbo4's avatar
quadturbo4 - 1564 days ago

Too much talk in too broken English - males never improve these clips and should stay out of shot and keep quiet.

arbuthnot's avatar
arbuthnot - 1564 days ago

Shayla is absolutely right. Strokes higher than the top of the bum crack are dangerous as injury can be caused to kidneys or coccyx. Middle or upper back is OK if that's your thing, but NOT the lower back. Even light strokes to the lower back should be avoided -and that's all these were despite the introductory hype. I have no objection to mild or light spankings or canings at all. Everyone should feel free to play at their own level and it's nobody's business but theirs. However, to call something like this as "very severe" is just ridiculous, and I DO object to misdescription.\n\nWhat's an "abundant subway tunnel" when it's at home?

jonathanknight333's avatar
jonathanknight333 - 1564 days ago

She can be my slave any day :)

Cha_os's avatar
Cha_os - 1564 days ago


shayla's avatar
shayla - 1564 days ago

I dont think you should hit her on her back like that

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