Punishment by Proxy: Girls Follow Orders to Spank Each Other

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Description: Shortly before the Shadow Lane party where they would be meeting up, Mollie McGinnis and Lily Starr had both managed to get into trouble with Suburban Spanker, a top who was in Chicago and unable to attend. He had told Lily to go to bed by 1 on a night when she was working hard to get paddles painted for her vendor table and she stayed up till 6 working instead. He hadn't asked about it so she thought she was safe until Mollie decided to tattle. He questioned Lily and she was informed she was in trouble. But then Mollie continued to try to instigate more trouble telling Lily to say naughty things etc. so since she was misbehaving too they were both in trouble. On the first day of the party he sent them an email instructing that Mollie was to administer a punishment to Lily on his behalf: 5 minutes of hand spanking, 40 with the hairbrush, 3 minutes of corner time, and then 40 with the belt for disobeying him. But then, Lily was to perform the SAME punishment on Mollie for being a troublemaker! And then he promised to still punish them both together when Lily comes back to Chicago for Crimson Moon in October. So the girls had to carry out his punishment as instructed. Enjoy watching them switch back and forth, Mollie administering the spanking she helped Lily earn and then Lily enjoying getting back at Mollie for getting her into trouble! Stay tuned for part two where the girls get spanked together!!! Full 13 minute real discipline video available at www.lilystarr.com and Lily can be contacted at lilystarr@live.com.
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badgirlalways - 653 days ago
have to admit.. I did chuckle at this... :)
zelle33406 - 2671 days ago
OMG! You two girls are hysterical!! I think that's the funniest spanking video I've ever seen! (especially considering the story behind it!) I bet SS cracked up over this one! And in the next breath he was surely concocting how to deal with you two at the CCM party in October! \n5 "Starrs" for this one! :-)
MissChiefNYC - 2673 days ago
I loved this...so funny!
sarahnade - 2678 days ago
Bwa hahahahaha! Personally I don't see anything wrong with the first version. You followed all the directions! ;)\r\n\r\nYou two are too cute!!!
yages - 2680 days ago
All the time Laughing and my stomach hurts\r\nThanks to you, I have a good mood \r\nYou`r HOT crazy
lilystarr - 2681 days ago
Thanks 9balladdict, Thumper255, HungryPossumm, and Mr Phillips! Glad you enjoyed it. :-)
Mr_Phillips - 2681 days ago
Love it - the belt spankings over a pillow on the bed are my faves - so nice to see
HungryPossumm - 2681 days ago
Great video. Thanks for sharing it. 5 stars
Thumper255 - 2681 days ago
That is the funniest video I have seen in a while!
lilystarr - 2681 days ago
Well, we wanted it to be entertaining for the people now didn't we Mollie? :-p If I'm gonna be a brat I'm gonna go all out lol.\n\nThanks yages!
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