Sara Is A Brat..!

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Description: Tonight I am writing with a very sore bottom. Niko gave me a brat girl spanking, and I was reminded once again to behave myself, to love myself, and not to put myself in any harmful ways. Niko used the very thick (branding) wooden paddle on me. And YESSS, it is the one that i bought him over a year ago. The paddle made very thuddy and NOT surprisingly stingy slap each time it connected with my bottom, and I gasped with each swat. It really freakin' hurt, this paddle is way worse than a bath-brush in my opinion. I buried my face in the pillow and tried not to moan "ouch" too loud. Even when I begged Niko to stop, but he continued to spank me until there were tears, and that he thought that I got what I needed and deserved. The spanking was over and he hugged me and told me to NEVER do "that" again. I promised him that I would not...and I won't. I plan on making much better decisions in the future. Dear Niko, I am forever thankful for you and your time. Thank you for your care, Thank you for being so worried about me, and Thank you for always has my best interest at heart. I love you. Now can we have cookies, chocolate ice cream and good girl spankings now...? PLEASE... ツ
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