Bedtime for Punishment

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Description: Our first film clip, which shows Nomi getting her bottom punished
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jake39spank - 2487 days ago
That a matter of opinion
plez_paddle_me - 2645 days ago
Whats with rubbing the bottoms that's pointless, and that caning was shit.
jake39spank - 2659 days ago
Thank you all of you that have left messages it is most kind of you to comment on our clip. We will take on board what you are saying so that we can use those ideas in future productions. Please respect the fact that this is early days for us and that we are just dipping our toes in the water. It is wonderful that so many people have looked at our clip all ready and we look forward to having more clips on this site very soon. Reagrds Nomi Kanehard
arbuthnot - 2659 days ago
Thanks for this first posting. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping to see more from you.\n\nI wouldn't call that short stick a cane. Not rattan, but seemed effective. What was it? I agree with OJS about the value of a bit of a storyline. It might be in the written intro or the clip itself. I think I prefer the former.\n\nWell done and thanks again.
OldJimSlipper - 2660 days ago
Hi Jake - thanks for posting.\n\nI tend to be fairly straight with people so I hope you won't take offence in me saying that this clip is a bit like so many others on SpankingTube. It's good but not exceptional.\n\nIn my opinion (for what it's worth) the best vids have a bit of a storyline and show what I like to call "lectures, bendovers and cornertime" as well as the spanking itself.\n\nI also prefer to see single implement spankings and don't really go for the old "skirts up - skirts down - pants on - pants off" routine either. "On" or "off" I don't care but I find all of the fiddling about adds little to the content. \n\nThere is so much scope for inovative producers to explore and yet most just seem to want to stick to the same old formula.\n\nI will give you a small example: I happen to like ladies in slips. That's no secret (and I am not alone). I would like to see you and Nomi to produce a "slip-spank" video to see what reaction you get from the other commentators. You might be pleasantly surprised and Nomi might enjoy a bit of satin aginst her skin anyway. A lot of women do!\n\nWell its food for thought. As I say don't take offence - none is intended.\n\nBest wishes and welcome to SpankingTube - OJS\n\n\nOh BTW I found your website but there is also a "" which is a commercial outfit. Make sure you find the [ ] version everyone.
nic - 2660 days ago
Male jake thru an thru ,. im ole so a switch ,.......great work ,you two .please post more clips ,.......regards ,.... Nic
jake39spank - 2660 days ago
Thank you for your kind words Nic. Are you male or female by the way! It's all geninue action nothing faked with silly sound effects here. The little cane is a vicious thing and it does stripe and sting Nomi's bottom nicely. We are only in our infant days with spanking films, but we will post more longer clips on here and we will have a store over at spanking library where you will be able to see more longer clips. Regards Nomi Kanehard
nic - 2660 days ago
very nice ,.love the spankin ,. the sound is so authentic no daft sound effects ,please keep the sound as it is if an when you post more clips .sensational bottom ,...the cane seems a vicious lil devil ;),.an you use it well ,. please post more longer spankin DD clips , an OTK hand spankin over panties would be nice ,. ,. regards ,... Nic
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