Severe School Corporal Punishment with a Paddle - 2017

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Description: Yes, we all like a little nudity, maybe some corner time, and much of what lives in our fantasies in the spanking world, but as a producer, as well of a connoisseur of spanking videos, what really speaks to me is realism. I have put together a collection of the most recent, most severe, and most realistic school paddling videos that I have produced this year. This is school corporal punishment, with a heavy wooden school paddle, administered with the sole purpose of bruising bottoms and changing behaviors. There is no warm-up, no gentle swats, this is full force school paddling, administered in the exact same manner that takes place in the high school of the South on a very regular basis. You will see firsthand why so many schools utilize this form of discipline, as it is very effective. This video runs 1 hour and 20 minutes, with 14 separate paddling scenes, and 12 different naughty girls, each filmed from a face and a butt camera. While all paddlings are administered over clothing, each girl reveals the damage to her poor bottom after so you can see the results of very real corporal punishment. This video truly runs on the severe side of spanking videos, with tears in several scenes, so it is not for the fan of fun little spankings. For those lovers of very realistic school corporal punishment, this is a must for your collection. This is a full HD video, filmed at 1920x1080, at 3000kbps.
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PrivatePerson - 77 days ago
Well their jeans remain on,so that makes it somewhat realistic.
manimal83 - 185 days ago
I feel bad for the girl in the gym shorts not much protection and he really laying it on her
johnv1949 - 219 days ago
I would love to submit to 50 swats from Mr Masterson with the paddle of his
bottomblistered - 223 days ago
davec4 - 229 days ago
WOW, I m renewing
badlittleboy56 - 231 days ago
Wow , It reminds me in my high school days . We had two separate rooms that was use for paddling took place one was a waiting room and the other was use for the paddling . Girls had a choice have deation or swats .Most girls took the swats .Females teachers Always Paddled the Girls .We always had another teacher as a witness .Teacher where allow to give up to 10 swats . My school had a small enrollment.So when you got paddle the whole school knew it. I FEEL GIRLS WANTS EQUAL RIGHTS .THEY SHOULD BE PADDLED . Its only fair.
bwx8005 - 232 days ago
I grew up in the south and this was a very common thing not so long ago. Back then they didn't even need a witness.
ready2receive - 232 days ago
Those are 5 star paddlings!! Great clip
Juliebuns - 234 days ago
Great paddling, 5 stars favorited. Very realistic school swats. Being paddled by you would be like actually getting swats at school.
MrDeath - 234 days ago
These hot ladies' asses are getting paddled good. I would love to rub them afterwards. ;) xoxo
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