The Price of Failure - FM caning

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Description: Re-posted in support of the case for encouraging amateur content. Zadok visits The Governess on Ms E's instruction for some fairly serious discipline after failing to stick to his diet.
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Spankopaul99 - 26 days ago
Excellent diet.
razrstrpr - 29 days ago
I enjoyed this video a lot. It was truly a punishment session and the Governess did an outstanding job of caning Zadok for Ms. E. The pace really added to his punishment... waiting is very hard on the one being punished and she certainly increased his anxiety by a huge percentage. Like several others I am very interested in knowing how the diet is coming along. Great video!
garykane - 177 days ago
I agree with everyone else, a really well administered punishment. The Governess really is an impressive disciplinarian. And it was clearly a painful experience. It would be interesting to know how the diet is going and whether Ms E sent you for further punishment. I'd also like to see the effect of a drawn out punishment like, to once where the cane was administered at a quicker tempo. Or maybe that's the kind of research one should carry out one's self?
tawsemaker - 178 days ago
Impressive lady! Well given and taken!
Switchable - 180 days ago
The perfect caning. Hard, deadly accurate and perfectly timed. Madam you are the best and sir you did not disgrace yourself you took your punishment well.
stripebum - 180 days ago
Those that break the rules must be punished. I think ms E should send you for twice as many strokes next time.
Anna29 - 180 days ago
I've never been able to make up my mind which is better / worse: fast, so that the pain doesn't have time to recede before another stroke lands; or slow, so that the end forever seems impossibly far off.

In this instance, the super-slow pace allows us to experience with you the anguish of anticipation as you shift uneasily waiting for that blast of pain to land, then after it lands, the successive waves as the agony mounts before finally easing.

Lovely, in other words. And since I don't imagine it taught you to stick to your diet, hopefully we can look forward to another installment . . .
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