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Description: For many of us, we do not want to see the lecture, or the buildup, we just want to see a naked girl getting the spanking of her life. If this speaks to you in any way, this is the video for you. This 1 hour and 21-minute video features 19 separate spankings, each of them with a fully naked young school girl getting her bottom blistered. Each scene begins with the girl having already removed her school uniform, and we watch as she is bent over for a proper punishment spanking. The spankings are hard, and the positions…well they are as embarrassing and exposed as can be. All of these punishments go well beyond just the pain of a spanking and leave each and every school girl feeling very exposed and on display. Modesty is well out the window and they are required to presents their bottoms to be spanked in a manner that shows their most intimate of areas to everyone present. All of these videos are 2500kbps for the very best in quality. If you want to just see naked girls punished, with no lecture and dialog, and put into the most embarrassing positions, before, during, and after their spanking, then take a look at the trailer and see if you like it. Now available at Spanking Library, link below.
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Jimbirch - 34 days ago
Spaniking someone being the best proof of love, it's a good habit to have the spankee in the costume for love...
spankingjenny - 107 days ago
It is so much nicer to share your spankings with your friends.
takethosepantiesdown - 119 days ago
Well done.
Francesca14 - 120 days ago
Looks like it’s really good...
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