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On a vacation to visit my Dom b4 i moved in with Him, we went out for a day of fun with a friend of his. My sailors mouth, in a public place, ended up getting my bottom well spanked for a good while. Damn annoying old ppl and kids, havin to watch my mouth around them sucks ass! hehehe.. and makes it hurt too!

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Girls Spanked Hard
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Spankerson's avatar
Spankerson - 1529 days ago

good job on the video, I loved it.
Just going to post two things: Yes spanking is a fetish between lovers/partners/friends, however it can be used as a form of disapline if in the right conditions.

rustynale's avatar
rustynale - 1555 days ago

Was she spanked for cursing or belching?

Mizz_Lovetts's avatar
Mizz_Lovetts - 1809 days ago

Ah, don’t listen to people that freak out. Personally, I think the whole “Spanking for discipline” thing is a load of bullshit. (Pardon my French, dear. ;] ) I think spanking is a fetish thing, therefore purely sexual. If the naughty girl in this video didn’t like what was happening to her, she would stop it. It’s obvious that it is ALL consensual, as well as enjoyed by both parties, so why doesn’t everyone just… Oh, I dunno, go to the more pansy section of the sight if they can’t handle this vid?\r\n\r\nAs for the two in the vid, lovely. Have fun. ;] And I liked your panties. :x\r\n

SpankedLesbian's avatar
SpankedLesbian - 1813 days ago

We all like different things. I don't think those slaps looked harmful, they weren't really slaps. If they were I would actually have a problem with it. Anyway, the outfit was cute, the burps were funny, and it looks like you too had fun. Looking forward to seeing more, maybe next time without the sunglasses?

fstien's avatar
fstien - 1813 days ago

In response to butterbutt's 1st comment. It seems to me a Dom is someone who likes slapping his or her slave. Why else would they do it? This couple was kind enough to put their form of entertainment up for all to see. To our video stars- Don't let a dimwit get you down.

journee's avatar
journee - 1813 days ago

Someone should be spanked for the state of that room! And those werent real slaps....more like love taps.

MsKnottyPerv's avatar
MsKnottyPerv - 1813 days ago

Oh mi oh my.... I actuallly, at that point in time, loved the smacks in the face. He wouldnt do it till i begged him to. Now that i have bad teeth, i asked Him not to and he respects my wishes. Sorry you dont believe in it butterbutt, but you really dont have to rant about it. Like manimal says, it WAS all in fun, it IS just a fetish, and you have no reason to freak out about it. I get short headaches ALL the time, he knows that, so if i wasnt okay to continue the session, i would have said as much, like any smart sub. we control the scene, with our safewords if need be or with giving permission to continue. As to cursing, we both curse a lot, but me much much more than him. He NEVER curses in public around old ppl or kids, but i slip up often. This was just a short(compared to our normal hr long roleplays) punishment. I cursed like 5 times with children and old ppl around, and any good Dom would punish his sub for such behavior. If he hadn't, i would have been more worried. I AM a reflection of my Sir, thus my behavior in public should reflect as much. He was not stroking his ego... After the tape is over, is when the cuddly time begins.Sure Sir isnt a "Master" and could,like anyone, use more knowledge and training, but he is the best damn man and Dom i've ever had, and im proud to be His.\n\nTY blushdiary for the cute compliment :"> And those panties weren't my Big sisters(dont gotta baby sis), i just likie tight underwear when i know im gettin a spanking ;-) Makees em harder to pull down! This is one of many punishments where i had fun, as i love getting spanked. Its not a punishment till you've pushed me to a certain point, and i can take 3hr long spankings.I have a tough insta-heal ass that needs daily reminders on how to behave in public and for my Sir. Hope some of you other 6,000 or so viewers enjoyed this video! If i can find a editing program, ill add more asap.

blushdiaries's avatar
blushdiaries - 1813 days ago

She is so damn cute. But unfortunately I'm with butterbutt on this. This girl has so much to give...I wish she stood a better chance.\r\n\r\n

manimal83's avatar
manimal83 - 1813 days ago

this is all in fun its a fetish if she didnt like it she wouldnt let that happen. thats how they live their lives who are we to judge so dont talk unless you know there back round\n

alaskan's avatar
alaskan - 1813 days ago

So how come this guy didn't severely paddle her for stealing her baby sister's panties?????

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