REAL DISCIPLINE: Punished Beyond Tears for Smoking

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Description: One of my most severe spankings ever, and also one which hit me on an emotional level more than any spanking I have received in the past. I have teared up a bit and cried out during many spankings, but never before had I completely lost it and had uncontrollable flowing tears through the majority of a discipline spanking. But during this one I did. It's very rare that I smoke because I'm allergic to it. In fact, my Daddy/boyfriend quit smoking recently, a very difficult thing for him to do after being a smoker for 20 years, largely because he felt bad that it was bothering me so much. But then a few weeks ago a friend who has also been trying to quit gave me the pack out of her purse so she wouldn't smoke them. I should've thrown them away but they'd been sitting in my room and I had one a couple weeks ago and one more a few days ago when I was bored one night. It's understandable that Daddy was pretty upset when he found out. He sat me down and lectured me about it, then bent me over pillows on the bed for one of the worst experiences of my life. I was spanked and scolded mercilessly with straps, large paddles, and much more for at least 20 minutes, finally ending with 12 from the sjambok, a thick black rubber implement which is sort of a cross between a whip and a cane - it's the worst implement imaginable. I started to cry near the beginning from my "bad girl" strap and continued throughout. This was almost hard for me to post as it is so personal, and well, embarrassing. But one thing I know, I won't be touching another cigarette! WARNING: Very harsh! This is a very severe and intense movie which includes some possibly alarming skin damage, not for the faint of heart! If you like severe disciplinary spankings for real offenses with real tears, this full is an absolute must see. Video is available at Contact Lily at
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bash10 - 2128 days ago
why did u hit her on the thighs alot that looked like it hurt
master88362 - 2134 days ago
Good video! That was one hell of a spanking!
lilystarr - 2162 days ago
Thank you, yes it was kind of awful lol.
razrstrpr - 2168 days ago
Great video clip, thighs are very sensitive, you took a lot of punishment on your thighs, I would have blistered your bottom and ....
lilystarr - 2291 days ago
Lol we will see Miss Jolie.
Jolie_Snow - 2291 days ago
So no more bathbrush on my thighs?! :D
lilystarr - 2291 days ago
Oh gosh, sorry for the typos, I'm ill and self medicating with some brandy lol.
lilystarr - 2291 days ago
Thank you arbuthnot, this was actually filmed around Christmas time so I am healed from it now, but it was definitely rough. 'm glad you enjoyed the clip and thanks for the advice about the thigh spanking. I had somewhat come to the same conclusion. Stinging them is probably fine whereas severe blunt force could lead to problems. It would take a pretty over the top spanking to equal the force of falling off a horse and hitting rocks, really. I think I'll ask him to take it easier with the wood down thee, and grudgingly continue the leathering lol.
arbuthnot - 2291 days ago
Lily, you certainly took a thrashing there! Haven't been here for a while and was surprised to see you deserved such severity. You took it very well, though. Congratulations for that.\n\nI gave up smoking just over a year ago after many years and haven't touched it since. Messing about with the occasional fag is the way you get hooked.\n\nAs far as skelping the back of the thighs is concerned, I don't think it's a problem when special severity is required PROVIDED heavy and hard implements are avoided. The strap there is fine, but I wouldn't use a paddle, for example. It does hurt, though, doesn't it? \n\nDo take care of your very sore bottom, won't you? If it stops you smoking ever again, the pain will have been worth it overall, I think, horrible as it no doubt still is at the moment. I understand what you say about it being painful for you even to watch this vid., but it should be a good reminder about smoking.\n\nBest wishes and thank you for sharing this very difficult and obviously traumatic clip.\n\nBest wishes for a smoke-free life, Lily
lilystarr - 2291 days ago
Honestly I didn't feel so good all night after, very shaky and drained. It's still a bit rough for me to even watch the video. BUT I won't smoke anymore lol.
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